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Manchester United v Sevilla: Europa League quarter-finals, first leg – LIVE | Europa League

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82 minutes: Peristri’s first move is to hook the ball to the right of goal from the byline. Sabitzer and Weghorst team up to penalize Malasia into his spot. Marasia hesitates before aiming for the bottom right. Fernando blocked. The resulting corner will not lead to anything.

81 minutes: Peristri appears in place of Antony.

80 minutes: Suso had a chance to shoot Navas on the right but missed the pass. Navas checked his run and tried to get the ball back, but he fell and twisted his leg. He looks serious for a moment, but luckily he recovers quickly from Navas.

78 minutes: Juventus took the lead against Sporting with a goal from defender Federico Gatti. The winner of that draw will face this winner in the semi-finals.

76 minutes: Antony is found facing Acuna with his hand over his mouth, and the two are seen saying some hilarious things. Turns out it’s just a game after all.

75 minutes: Acuna and Antony continue to sparr. A big smile appears on Akuna’s face. The crowd then gets involved when competing for a header, only for Acuna to fall. All good pantomime fun.

73 minutes: Nianzou will be replaced by former Liverpool forward Suso.

72 minutes: Acuna is reserved for retaliatory swipes on Antony. Some frontier justice is in there and Antony swiped his ankle earlier and got away.

70 minutes: Montiel’s next move is to move the loose ball away from the ball. Seville Weghorst is preparing to pounce on the box. He then exchanges not-so-friendly words with the great Dutch striker. Yeah, we have an edge in this match right now.

69 minutes: Montiel is on the move again, but is not satisfied because he has discussed the matter at length with a fourth official. A slight edge occurs here.

68 minutes: Wegorst taps Montiel’s ear. Montiel becomes depressed and complains quite a bit. It seemed like a coincidence, and the referee was going to agree, he pauses while Montiel rolls around.

67 minutes: Seville Replace Lamela with En-Hesyri.

66 minutes: Bono surrounds the clearance and Wegort closes him down. The rebound flies wide to the left of the goal. Lucky, lucky, Bono.

64 minutes: Anthony dribbles purposefully on the right, but cutbacks fail to find opponents. Antony and Acuna then brawl on the right flank. Antony’s irritating swipe of her Acuna’s ankle resulted in the pair suddenly squared off. You know, if VAR were that concerned, Anthony could have been in trouble there. But the VAR guy isn’t that lean.

63 minutes: United make that triple change. Fernandes, Martial and Sancho are out. Eriksen, Elanga and Weghorst are next.

61 minutes: United had been lackluster since the restart, but Anthony dropped his shoulders and glided from the left, seeing off Marcao before curling strongly to the left. Bono was beaten, but the ball hit the inside of the post, Seville Clear their line. Close to a third!

60 minutes: United are getting a little sloppy here and the home fans are a little upset. In not unrelated news, it looks like Eric ten Hag is preparing a triple replacement.

58 minutes: Casemiro has no problem continuing.

57 minutes: Ocampos crossed from the right side. Gudelli channels his inner Mark Hughes and attempts a bicycle kick, only to flash on the grid to Casemiro’s surprise. Guderi enters the book.

56 minutes: Two balls on the pitch. Pause play.

54 minutes: Sancho runs the pace on the left flank, but his attempt to feed Marasiah on the overlap is misguided, allowing Montiel to shepherd the ball for a goal kick. “Sancho is still far from the heights he has reached with Dortmund,” said Kari Turinius. “I wonder if Jude Bellingham’s signature suitor should be worried. Take care, Erling Haaland is fine.”

52 minutes: Ocampos had the opportunity to slip Acuña into the United box on the left flank, but they could not handle the pass well enough and Wan-Bissaka cut it across and intercepted it. United didn’t exactly jump out in the second period either, allowing the visitors to slowly enter the game.

Lucas Ocampos takes on Bruno Fernandes. Photo: Sean Botterill/Getty Images

50 minutes: …… That being said, Seville Stroke the ball patiently before pinning Navas in right space. Navas threw a low cross into the mixer, but Ocampos could not control the ball at the near post or aim it at goal.

49 minutes: No big explosion from the second half block SevilleOddly enough, the only momentum they had all night, given their initial strong end.

47 minutes: Bono slips on the clear and the ball falls to Casemiro, who slips Anthony into the right inside channel. Anthony cuts inward and whips hard toward the upper left. Bono hasn’t gotten there, but the ball is well off target.

46 minutes: The second period started quietly, so here’s a belated halftime analysis of Jamie O’Sullivan. I got a lot of balls before the dreaded shin studs made contact). Yet another display of VAR’s insane contradiction (which ties in nicely with his Barney Ronay article he shared) – Yellow His card and harsh final warning is such a misjudged reckless challenge seems to be perfect for It happens, but referees don’t have to ruin the game. Such a bizarre performance from United – a clearly good team but really ragged at times. ”

Sevilla entered the second half. They made a change, swapping Oliver Torres for former Manchester City star Jesús Navas. Meanwhile, Rafael Varane was hit late in the first half and Harry Maguire came on in his place.

Bruno Fernandes holds off substitute Jesús Navas as the second half begins.
Bruno Fernandes holds off Sevilla substitute Jesús Navas as the second half begins. Photo: Matthew Peters/Manchester United/Getty Images

Mediocre reading. Bernie Ronay will keep you entertained.

Half-time: Manchester United 2-0 Sevilla

Manchester United are drunk on attack. Sevilla were poor…but during the final knock of the first half they finally showed signs of contesting this.

45 minutes +3: The corner hit the near post. Nianzou he flashes a header towards the goal from 6 yards. De Gea instinctively blocks and soars high into the air. With Lamela and Ocampos scrambled for the drop-his ball, Varane left the line and the whistle blew for his free kick.

Varane turns off the line just before halftime.
Varane turns off the line just before halftime. Photo: Dave Thompson/AP

45 minutes +2: Ocampos powers into United’s box on the right to win a Fernandes corner. Plenty of time to turn a corner.

45 minutes +1: Acuña, who cut in from the left side, fired a shot and threw on the right side. The above is the result of the first half of Sevilla. They haven’t given David De Gea any work.

45 minutes: 2 minutes added.

44 minutes: Ocampos hooked the ball back from the right byline and found Montiel just inside the United box. The flag was raised and the linesman erroneously ruled that the ball was out for his kick on goal. United, who were a little out of shape, Seville He looked dangerous and let out a sigh of relief.

43 minutes: Rakitic directs the resulting free kick to the left. It’s always on the top of the bar. “We talked about Lamela!” Warrior Duncan Edwards wrote before the game.

41 minutes: Gudeli shot from United’s edge. Fernandez slipped in to block his and the ball hit the elbow. It’s a free kick, but does the United captain’s cop deserve a warning?There wasn’t much space between the players. But as it stands, Fernandez will miss the second leg. he is not happy I can imagine his face.

Bruno Fernandes has received a yellow card for handball.
Look at his face! Photo: Matthew Ashton/AMA/Getty Images

40 minutes: VAR did not attribute any malice to Lamela and remained yellow. Lamela continues playing.

39 minutes: Another bad challenge, this time by Casemiro’s Lamela. Studs on shins. yellow card. Casemiro feels it and VAR confirms. The lamella may have slipped a bit before contact. It didn’t seem particularly malicious. But maybe the VAR guy has other ideas.

Casemiro gets therapy following a clumsy challenge from Eric Lamela.
Casemiro gets therapy following a clumsy challenge from Eric Lamela. Photo: Matthew Peters/Manchester United/Getty Images

37 minutes: Acuna slipped in from behind Antony and luckily did not enter the book.Anthony’s needless melodramatic fall is probably Seville Left with sympathy from the referee.

https://www.theguardian.com/football/live/2023/apr/13/manchester-united-v-sevilla-europa-league-quarter-final-first-leg-live-score-updates Manchester United v Sevilla: Europa League quarter-finals, first leg – LIVE | Europa League

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