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Manchester United 3-1 Fulham: FA Cup quarter-finals – live reaction | FA Cup

important event

A word about handball. Sancho’s shot was definitely on target. I don’t know why someone made another suggestion.

Roy Keane Verdict

Fulham will get a accolades or two. They won’t get anything out of me – they had a chance and they ruined it.

Marcel Sabitzer speaks

Big win. We wanted to go back to Wembley. [Did you win it or did Fulham lose it?] we won it. why not? We scored 3 and they scored his 1. We were focused and focused. we are back That’s what matters.

never seen [the handball] But the referee made the decision and we were fine with it. [What were you thinking when Mitrovic went dark?] Oh nothing, I was concentrating on the game.

i’m so happy [to score at Old Trafford] – This is also important and I am very happy.

[And now it’s Brighton in the semi-final] yes? We go there, win it, and get to the finals. I’ll do it.

Kudos to Anthonytheir introduction energized United at a time when they were really struggling.He looks to be playing better when he comes off the bench.

There is only one reason why this game was so impressive. Fulhamdominated United 1–0, sending off two players and their managers in less than a minute.

Indeed disappeared in 60 seconds: their FA Cup The hopes of both Marco Silva and especially Alexander Mitrovic, who failed to handle the (correct) decision to give United a penalty and send off Willian for handball, and Noggin.

Mitrovic gave Fulham a well-deserved lead at the start of the second half. And it all went wrong.

Full time: Man United 3-1 Fulham.

that’s it.Manchester United face Brighton in FA Cup semi-final after memorable win Fulham.

goal! Man United 3-1 Fulham (Fernandes 90+6)

Fred runs backpedaling Fulham Defensively, two players to his right are free. He rolls the ball towards Fernandez.

Fernandez happy to score. Photo: Karl Lesin/Reuters

90+4 minutes It’s strange to say when the score is 2 to 1, but the game is slowly progressing. Fulham he nine men can not win the ball. Don’t worry and keep it.

90+2 minutes Wan-Bissaka blocks the shot. Fulham he is nine men out.

90+1 minutes In any case, there are indications that Sancho’s shot, which Willian handled, was off target.Something similar happened to Abel Xavier Portugal’s infamous Euro 2000 defeat against France: I’m pretty sure Sylvain Wiltord’s shot hit the outside of the post and went out of play.

90 minutes There is an extra 7 minutes for all the confusion.

89 minutes: 4 substitutions Fulham Tom Cairney, Dan James, Manor-Solomon and Cedric replaced Reed, Tete de Córdoba Reid and Pereira.

88 minutes Antony went 1v2 against Weghorst and stumbled upon the area. He drags the ball beautifully around Leno, but Diop comes back and shoves it. Moments later, Anthony played a one-two with Sancho and hit a Rasper off the edge of the area which was successfully saved by Leno.

I really like Anthony as a stand-in and his introduction today changed the game.

87 minutes When the ball goes out of bounds, Fulham It will be a quadruple shift.

86 minutes“Great Performance” from Fulhamsays Stephen Winstanley. “Please take off your anti-United goggles.”

The World Wide Web: Connecting Humanity Since 1991.

85 minutes Savitzer’s road drive goes straight to Leno. You will think this game is over.

84 minutes “Hi Rob,” says Richard Hurst. “What did I say about the honorable defeat?”

I think the word “honorable” disowns you.

82 min: Man United substitution Fred replaces Marcus Rashford, who has been playing a fairly quiet game.

81 minutes “Does Shane O’Leary think Bat For Lashes was ‘really bad’?” sniffs Matt Dony. “Luckily for him, he has never heard me falsetto her song Laura on an acoustic guitar. I’m doing my second spin on the coaster and I’m not feeling great. Fulham Helping or at least they were helping.in fact they not yet Help, but in a completely different way. Entertainment at its best! ”

nobody likes to see it.

80 minutes Weghorst’s rising shot from a very tight angle is held by Leno.

79 minutes Samuel Campbell said, “This is the clearest handball, red card and penalty I have ever seen.”I don’t know why Fulham I am very furious. The biggest question is why did referees have to watch so many replays? ”

If Fulham knew how much to kick off, he probably would still be checking it out.

A given goal! Sabitzer was over the defense but behind the ball, so the goal stood. during 8 minutes Fulham – who had been a much better team – lost two goals for two players and their manager.

this is foolishSancho played a nice ball inside Tete for Shaw and a low cross for Shaw was cleverly backflicked to Leno by Savitzer. but, VAR check for offside.

goal! Manchester United 2-1 Fulham (Savitzer 77)

Marcel Sabitzer has scored his first goal for Manchester United!

Savitzer scores.
Savitzer scores. Photo: John Super/AP
Sabitzer celebrates after scoring.
Sabitzer celebrates after scoring. Photo: John Super/AP

77 minutes of Fulham Players are still moaning at the referee. Their frustration is understandable after such a great performance, but there is no reason here. Penalties and red cards for Willian and Mitrovic were clear.

goal! Man United 1-1 Fulham (Fernandes 76 pen)

Fernandez calmly sends Leno the wrong way.

Fernandes scores from the penalty spot.
Fernandes scores from the penalty spot. Photo: Martin Rickett/PA

75 minutes Still no penalty. In summary, Willian, Alexander Mitrovic and Marko his Silva were all sent off in about a minute.

74 minutes Mitrovic waved his finger in the referee’s face. Then kind of pushed his arm. Marco Silva also sent offand the penalty has not yet been taken!

Mitrovic received a red card from referee Chris Kavanagh.
Mitrovic received a red card from referee Chris Kavanagh. Photo: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images
Mitrovic protesting after receiving a red card.
Mitrovic protesting after receiving a red card. Photo: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Mitrovic also sent off!

He went ballistic against the referee – in fact he’s still going ballistic – and Fulham The number of men has decreased to nine. I think he pushed Chris Kavanagh. What a ridiculous few minutes.

Penalty for United, red card for Willian!

Oh Mitrovic lost it!

Willian is sent off and Mitrovic protests.
Willian is sent off and Mitrovic protests. Photo: Javier Garcia/REX/Shutterstock

VAR check Anthony, who has energized United, had a thrilling breakthrough and played for Sancho. He danced around the keeper, sent the lead into the wrong fire, and eventually lifted the shot, but was blocked at the line by Willian. I hit his arm, so I think it will be a penalty and a red card.

70 mins: Willian misses the line but a handball?

Willian appears to be handling the ball.
Willian appears to be handling the ball. Photo: Karl Lesin/Reuters

68 minutes Fernandez rolls a free kick towards an unmarked Sancho at the end of the D. His shot, which probably should have gone sideways, hit Robinson and…goal he was late for the kick.

67 minutes Robinson was cautioned for a foul on Anthony, who skilfully slipped on the right flank.

66 mins: Great save from De Gea! An outrageous foul from Maguire Fulham Free kick on the right side. Pereira puts it to Mitrovic’s head 12 yards out and he powers up his header into the far upper corner. De Gea dramatically leaps to his right and rakes it in.

65 minutes “Remember Keegan Fulham Came to Old Trafford with the Cup? says Neil Mullen. “They were really good (do you think they lost 1-0?). I think we forgot that Keegan was a great coach, so it’s good to remember.”

Coach or man manager? But I agree with you – emotional failures partly obscure the great work he’s done during most of his time at Newcastle, Fulham and Man City.

64 minutes Mitrovic heads Tete’s cross towards De Gea. He was fair way, so there weren’t many chances.

62 minutes Fernandez’s corner heads into another corner and swings straight into Leno’s arms. The predicted storm has not yet materialized, Fulham Quite comfortable.

61 minutes “Oh, Ralphie,” says Simon McMahon. “Worst sign in Manchester United history, right? But Fergie knew the player when she saw him. Dundee United Hall of Fame. The day after his 22nd birthday, Dens’ Jim McLean’s He won the league with one of the team’s all-time great goals.Remains the top scorer in Europe when United were mixed with the best players.Scottish Garrincha.Of course, the World Cup winner’s medal. there is no.”

Or an international cap.

59 minutes Antony’s first involvement is to kick Robinson off the ball. It wasn’t the most vicious kick in the world, but he may have been reserved for it.

58 min: Man United substitution Antony will replace Scott McTominay. So Bruno Fernandes goes deeper down. Sancho moved to the left, with Rashford up front and Weghorst his number 10.

58 minutes The impressive Parinha was fouled by Fernandes 30 yards from goal. Too wide to shoot, Pereira overhit and his cross went behind the goal kick.

57 minutes Eric Ten Hag offers advice to Anthony as he prepares to replace him.

56 minutes “Today’s United line-up options are thin as porridge,” said Barkley. (More Peristri and Antony, less Weghorst and Sancho…)

54 minutes Fernandez spread his side foot off the edge of the area after a good cutback by Rashford. It was a half chance and the goal seemed to wake United up.

There was a VAR check for a foul on Rashford. person sandwiched between two people Fulham Got off after a defender and a goal. But it was a natural collision, not a foul, and the goal stands!

Flat outswing corner from Pereira’s right side Dangerously flicked over goal by Diop, Mitrovic buffered a left-footed volley into the net from 6 yards. Fulham Worth it.

goal! Manchester United 0-1 Fulham (Mitrovic 50)

First goal for Alexander Mitrovic FA Cup goal!

Mitrovic takes the lead.
Mitrovic takes the lead. Photo: Karl Lesin/Reuters
Mitrovic celebrates after scoring.
Mitrovic celebrates after scoring. Photo: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images

49 mins: De Gea’s great save! Willian cuts inside Rashford and fizzes the curlers towards the bottom corner. De Gea, who must have seen it late, dives full left and circles the post with his fingertips.It’s a nice save, reminds me a bit Gary Walsh drop-in from Dwight Yorke at Villa Park, 1994 (Although not as good).

https://www.theguardian.com/football/live/2023/mar/19/manchester-united-v-fulham-fa-cup-quarter-final-live Manchester United 3-1 Fulham: FA Cup quarter-finals – live reaction | FA Cup

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