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Man who poisoned toddler Jordan Thompson wins court

A man charged with poisoning his partner’s infant in a rural town nearly 18 years ago is out on bail after his application for police custody was denied.

Cecil Patrick Kennedy appeared in NSW Supreme Court on Monday after police tried to detain him for violating his bail conditions.

The 50-year-old was charged with manslaughter against Jordan Thompson in 2005 and is set to face trial later this year.

He has denied the charges and is expected to go on trial later this year.

Kennedy was arrested in September 2021 after detectives launched a reinvestigation into the boy’s death.

camera iconCecil Patrick Kennedy has been charged with manslaughter of infant Jordan Thompson, who died in 2005 after being given antidepressants. credit: News Corp Australia

Jordan was 21 months old when his mother, Bernice Swales, went to run errands on March 19, 2005.

When she got home, she found her son unresponsive. The infant was taken to hospital, but he could not be resuscitated.

An infant died while Kennedy was dating Swales. Police claim he gave him a lethal dose of antidepressants while he was in Jordan’s care.

On Monday, a court heard he allegedly violated his bail conditions while waiting to combat the charges against him.

Police say the Doonside resident was driving with cannabis in the system when asked to behave himself.

Infant Jordan Thompson died in 2005.
camera iconInfant Jordan Thompson died in 2005. credit: attached

The court heard he admitted to using cannabis when he was stopped by police earlier this month, despite a court order to refrain from using the drug.

Prosecutor Caitlin Nash told the court she was instructed to file a detention petition to remand Kennedy to prevent future offenses.

“The terms of his bail are good conduct and his cannabis consumption is clearly contrary to that direct order,” she said.

“It raises concerns … about Mr. Kennedy’s ability to comply with bail conditions.”

Nash said the royal family is concerned that Kennedy will continue to violate bail conditions and may not appear in court as he has in the past.

However, defense attorney Linda McSpeden said no violations had been proven and it would take two months for drug test results to be returned to police.

Mr Kennedy (blue shirt) appeared on court at Sydney Downing Center with his supporters (white T-shirt) and his lawyer (striped shirt). NCA Newswire/Adelaide Lang
camera iconMr Kennedy (blue shirt) appeared on court at Sydney Downing Center with his supporters (white T-shirt) and his lawyer (striped shirt). NCA Newswire/Adelaide Lang credit: News Corp Australia

She said the current bail conditions have already taken a toll on Kennedy.

“These conditions are very troublesome and very widespread,” said Ms McSpedden.

President Kennedy must turn himself in to police three times a week and adhere to a strict curfew.

You are also prohibited from drinking alcohol or using drugs unless prescribed by a doctor.

Since being granted bail in December 2021, Doonside residents have been unable to be with anyone under the age of 12 for one reason or another.

Judge Anthony Blackmore has admitted that Kennedy violated his bail conditions by using marijuana.

However, he decided not to take any action for the violation and reaffirmed Mr. Kennedy’s restrictive bail conditions.

Kennedy will be arrested in September 2021.
camera iconKennedy will be arrested in September 2021. credit: attached

He said the 50-year-old faces a “complicated and difficult” trial in connection with Jordan Thompson’s death.

McSpedden agreed, saying “very detailed expert evidence” would be required.

“The matter has been in court for a long time, with two prosecutors requiring nearly 100 witnesses,” she said.

Kennedy is scheduled to return to court in June for a six-week trial in the infant’s death.

https://thewest.com.au/news/man-accused-of-poisoning-toddler-jordan-thompson-scores-win-in-court-c-9467705 Man who poisoned toddler Jordan Thompson wins court

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