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Macquarie Dictionary Announces 2022 Word of the Year

The Macquarie Dictionary’s 2022 Word of the Year has been announced, and you might be surprised that it’s not a new word.

Teal is defined as “a political candidate who holds a generally moderate ideological opinion, but who supports strong action on the environment and climate change and who prioritizes political integrity”. .

Unlike most Word of the Year winners, the word “teal” wasn’t invented in the same year.

However, its use in everyday speech over the past 12 months is largely due to its resurgence as a descriptor of independent political movements.

camera iconWord of the Year Committee selection is teal.Macquarie Dictionary credit: NCA Newswire

“It’s hard to surpass Teal as a symbol of Australia’s political climate in 2022,” the dictionary committee said.

“It’s not a brand new word, it’s a brand new feeling that no one has seen before.”

A dark greenish-blue teal was used in campaign materials for candidates in the Climate100-sponsored federal elections, including Zari Stegal, Kailea Tink and Allegra Spender.

The next point was “tell the truth”. It is defined as the act of associating the facts of a situation, except for embellishments or dilutions applied as justifications for past actions.

2023 Victorian elections
camera iconThe word “teal” took on a whole new meaning this year when it was used to describe political independence. Jason Edwards credit: News Corp Australia

People’s Choice Word of the Year went to “Bachelor’s Handbag,” a term used to describe roast chicken in the supermarket.

The committee said it was “a funny and clever coinage, very quintessentially Australian and perfectly sums up the role of BBQ Chalk”.

Last year, the word “walk” snatched both the committee’s choice and the people’s choice word of the year.

The words were a humorous jab at the perceived slow rollout of the federal Covid vaccination program.

WOTY's runner-up to be honest. Picture Macquarie Dictionary.JPG
camera iconThe next point tells the truth.Macquarie Dictionary credit: NCA Newswire

Here are the words that made my shortlist:

  • barbie core: Fashion characterized by all pink, especially bright pink.
  • Boss wear: SSoftware installed on an employee’s computer that records keystrokes, mouse movements, takes screenshots, and more, allowing employers to remotely monitor and measure activity and productivity.
  • brigade: Organizing concerted efforts of large numbers of people to bring about specific actions or changes, such as through online polls or reviews
  • Craptor: Applause from the audience indicates agreement with the comedian’s jokes or statements, especially those of a social or political nature.
  • Electronic exchange: Moving from an urban environment to the countryside. This is made possible by the facilities that work can and is permitted away from home.
The Bachelor's handbag received an honorable mention. Picture Macquarie Dictionary.JPG
camera iconThe Bachelor’s handbag was selected as an honorable mention.macquarie dictionary credit: NCA Newswire
  • Giga Fire: A fire that burns over 100,000 hectares.
  • Goblin mode: Behavioral patterns characterized by laziness or the embrace of laziness
  • Hidden Homeless: Homeless people who stay temporarily with friends, family, etc. and do not access homeless assistance services during this period.
  • Baby Nepo: Celebrities who have famous parents, often in the entertainment industry (so called due to the allusion to their high profile as a result of their parents’ fame or connections).
  • Sleeping disorder: Getting overly preoccupied with getting the amount and quality of sleep recommended by wearable sleep tracking devices can often lead to anxiety and negatively impact sleep quality and ability to fall asleep.
  • Pirate Footprints: Trails established or constructed without the required permits used for mountain biking
  • Pre-banking: Disputing the veracity of false or disinformation and the authority of its sources before such information is disseminated.
  • quit quietly: The practice of strictly limiting oneself to performing tasks within one’s job description and working only contracted hours.
  • Skin hunger: Desire for loving or friendly physical contact with others.
  • painful cough: Colloquial of Covid-19
  • Be gentle: Applying multiple filters and edits to an image or digital photo in order to transform the original image into an attractive and beautiful image (by Yas Queen).

https://thewest.com.au/news/macquarie-dictionary-reveals-the-2022-word-of-the-year-c-8998604 Macquarie Dictionary Announces 2022 Word of the Year

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