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Luton 2-0 Sunderland (aggregate: 3-2): Championship play-off semi-final, 2nd leg – as it is | Championship

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Nick Ames’ match report is below.

Morris said he’s learned a lot about how much this kind of thing means to the club, and after speaking with someone who’s been watching Luton for over 60 years, hopes you enjoy tonight. Told. He doesn’t think his team turned up over the weekend, but he’s happy they had a chance to rectify the situation tonight. He loves going to work every day, loves Lockyer and can’t wait to join the celebration!

Lockyer, on the other hand, said he thought he would throw his head into the corner where he scored and see what happens. He doesn’t think fans care that Edwards is from Watford, but he does allow his players to express themselves, and although they were stuck in the end, they persevered. continued. He was the Official Player of the match and won the Grand Style of the match not just with his goals, but with his leadership and intensity.

And hugging Rob Edwards, who was sacked from Watford, Luton rivals, now going to Wembley.He did a great job and wasn’t precious enough to impose the physical style he knew Sunderland I couldn’t handle it.

Rocky, Player of Match, and some after that, Say you had to ‘mix it up’ and ‘get it dirty’ to win Sunderlandbefore the camera runs out.

San Siro is over Inter won 1-0 and won 3-0 on aggregate. They will face either Man City or Real Madrid in the Champions League final.

At the stand David Pleats and Mick Harford are enjoying the moment. This is Luton’s great achievement, it really is.

Fans invade the pitch and dance with the players. It’s very wholesome. but one word Sunderland, a player who had a great season. It was a game that went too far tonight, but good things are happening at Wearside and the time has come.

They will dance in the streets of Bedfordshire tonight. Photo: Mark Atkins/Getty Images

Full-time: Luton Town (3) 2-0 (2) Sunderland

Less than a decade ago, Mr. Luton was attending a conference. In three weeks they could be a Premier League club!

Patrick Roberts is full-time depressed.
Patrick Roberts is full-time depressed. Photo: Lee Smith/Action Images/Reuters

90+5 minutes Roberts down the right flank, Sunderland’s last chance… and he puts a cross into Horvath’s arm. That’s certainly true, right? !

90+4 minutes Mupanzu is reserved for some purpose.

90+3 minutes But Osho got away, Lockyer slammed into the line and nearly slammed downfield from the stands, and Drameh ran off with a 4-1 lead! All he had to do was draw Johnson and tee up whoever wanted to tap in, but instead he took the shot himself and meekly dribbled past the near post! It was just the match there!

90+3 minutes But a ball down the line was followed by Huggins, who slid into the cross and Osho blocked from behind to score a corner. Patterson appears…

90+2 minutes An absolute giant, Lockyer pulls the team up to the park. He knows that if they keep doing what they’ve been doing, they’re going to Wembley.

90+1 minutes Luton leaves and Roberts finds Clark. Clark moves around inside, freeing Aries from the outside…but he ignores him, peering inside where he’s packed.

90 minutes Muchut spotted Roberts 25 yards out and dove into Nakamba, going several miles past the top.it was that kind of night Sunderlandyou have 4 minutes to save yourself.

88 minutes Oh, Clark finds Diallo 30 yards from the goal, but a hard touch knocks him down quickly. Sunderland Tonight’s team was very poor, but the fans still contributed well and played the football challenge in the traditional way.

86 minutes Sunderland have possession of the ball 605 times and it doesn’t feel like it, but Luton’s 37 to 11 touches in the opponent’s box in favor is what we’ve seen and why this is the case. It gives a better explanation of why the score was such.

85 minutes It’s a sobering thought, but totally unnecessary given the amount of money splashed on this game.

HMRC’s latest liquidation petition against Southend United is due to be heard sometime after 11:30am tomorrow.

— Thomas Feeney (@ThomasFeaheny) May 16, 2023

84 minutes Morris made a nice touch to send the ball back and Mpanz ran in, but Onyen was watching.

83 minutes Luton are taking it pretty easy for now, and have fielded Campbell in place of Clarke.

Jordan Clarke takes the corner kick for Luton.
Jordan Clarke takes the corner kick for Luton. Photo: Robbie Stevenson/JMP/Shutterstock

81 minutes “Does pitch size make that much of a difference?” wonders Joe Pearson. “On another screen you can see the Milan derby, but San Siro is 114 X 74. Kenilworth Road is 110 X 72. Frankly, it’s not that different. In fact, it doesn’t really look like it, but all I know is that I never kicked a ball.”

I think it’s enough to make a difference. Because Lurton’s wide centre-back can stay narrow knowing he can get out if needed, and the wing-back can drop in if needed. Even a few meters away makes it even more difficult.

79 minutes Can you talk to me about the colors of the club?” Julian Menz begs. “Luton’s ‘orange’ turned red enough for a jobless television interior designer (Lawrence?) to find the difference. Not to mention Wolves’ ‘old gold’ turned Watford’s yellow.” It seems I know the details, but still…”

I don’t think the Wolves have played in old gold in decades, but Luton used to play in white – and I agree, it’s not very orange. .

78 minutes Sunderland had two more changes: Huggins and Burr on, Gooch and Neil off.

76 minutes Luton are so physically ahead that they didn’t relax as much in defending their lead as I thought they would. If they keep doing what they are doing, losing the lead is unlikely.

75 minutes But they scored a free-kick on the left and Neil swerved inside… except then he scraped the wall. Sunderland Attempting to continue the attack, Amado hit his opponent but slipped down shortly after.

74 minutes a bit of Sunderland We have the ball, but as expected we are unable to choose a pass through Luton which is blocked in the middle of the pitch. They’ve run out of ideas and are already in Hail Mary territory with 15 left.

Marvelous Nakamba keeps the ball for Luton.
Marvelous Nakamba keeps the ball for Luton. Photo: Robbie Stevenson/JMP/Shutterstock

73 minutes At San Siro, Lautaro Martínez scored the equalizer and gave us a proper celebration of reaching the terrace. Inter will face either Man City or Real Madrid in the Champions League final.

71 minutes I hate to say it, but Sunderland You may need to read through Luton’s book, as you can’t get close to them the way they do it. It’s too late now, but it might have made sense to keep Gerhard on board and keep Mischt on his feet to get the ball forward quickly.

69 minutes Sunderland have no momentum, Luton pinning and hustling closely. Then, when Roberts fired a sachet on the right side, Osho flipped him around quite a bit and thrashed him clear.

68 minutes I don’t know if Luton would be as effective if they did get to Wembley – Boro could see Coventry off and play right and they could easily fend them off – but things went very well. If you do, you can see them score enough home points to survive.

66 minutes Luton is too physically strong Sunderlandespecially on tight pitches. Mpanz worked hard through some challenges and got a free kick 40 yards out, so the big guys moved forward. But this time, Onyen made decisive contact and headed for touch.

64 minutes Sunderland tried something else, substituting Misht for Gerhardt, but the enchanting brawl with Lockheyer never fully materialized.

63 minutes Rpoberts now goes on the attack and evades Clark before Osho challenges him.

62 minutes Again, that unfolding is great and Clarke is the bad guy. And while Adebayo responds well, Roberts once again heads away brilliantly, this time over the line!I keep saying it, but I don’t know how Sunderland To score and not to concede.

61 minutes Again, that delivery was excellent, with Roberts doing spectacularly well with a header from under the bars to the back.

60 minutes Mpanz runs into Morris, Morris slides Adebayo inside right and he goes in?! Arese lunges sideways and does just enough to make a tackle without allowing a penalty, but Luton wins a corner.

59 minutes Amado pulled Nakamba into a spin, only to pass directly to Doughty. Sunderland We need to find a way to get him on the ball more often.

57 minutes change to Sunderland, Arese came on in place of the injured Pritchard in the first leg. Hell became a left back, with Gooch moved to the right and Roberts to midfield.

56 minutes Sunderland cleared another corner kick, but conceded another goal. Now Mpanz nailed the keeper and Adebayo headed over.I feel like Sunderland Luton are likely to go for another set-piece goal, so two might be needed to score a penalty.

54 minutes The away side is falling behind the team, Sunderland Starting to dominate the possession. And if Luton don’t score again, this situation could continue as the home side choose to keep their possessions…but in the meantime Drameh made a key intervention to keep the match going and give Sunderland a chance to win. Won a flocking corner.

53 minutes Onyen moved forward, but Clark’s outside pass to Gooch was unnecessarily heavy, so the final cross was on the stretch at the line and was cleared quite easily.

51 minutes Sunderland already look like they could do that and let’s not forget just last week they beat Preston 3-0 after a goalless return at half-time. But Luton won’t offer them a similar space and they still need to create open-playing opportunities.

Amado Diallo leaves the ball to his teammate.
Amado Diallo leaves the ball to his teammate. Photo: Andrew Kearns/Camerasport/Getty Images

50 minutes “Eric Morecambe is watching right now and I think he is very happy,” tweeted Chris Lowe. This is a much more reassuring thought than thinking about his 80s type in Luton.

49 minutes This time Luton jumped forward, Drameh crossed and Adebayo volleyed to his leg and slammed into the ground. It’s got some tempo to it, but I don’t think the frenzy will ease up this much.

https://www.theguardian.com/football/live/2023/may/16/luton-v-sunderland-championship-playoff-semi-final-second-leg-live-score-updates Luton 2-0 Sunderland (aggregate: 3-2): Championship play-off semi-final, 2nd leg – as it is | Championship

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