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Live update of the 2023 NSW elections: Dominique Perrotet and Chris Minnes pitch the final.Matt Keene refuses to say whether he will run for Liberal leader – Breaking News | Australian Politics

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Talk to the voters themselves…

At the Epping polling place, voters said local issues were their main concern, and many seemed inclined to vote liberal.

Liberal Prime Minister wins seat Dominic Perrotet And never lost by the Liberals.

Heather O’Sullivan told The Guardian Australia that she voted for Labor candidate Alan Mascarenhas because she opposed privatization and felt it was time for a “change”.

Hassan, Mona, Muhammad He said he liked Perrottet’s economic policies.

Dominique and his policies, from what I’ve seen, I’m not sure I’ll vote for him, but at least they’re making money for big projects. He’s supporting big projects because he’s working, of course it brings work, but the workers are cutting back on all those projects. This is the difference I can see.

The Epping area is financially strong and people have more money in their pockets than other parts of Sydney, so they are educated, able to find jobs and able to do business. I don’t know if I can and Alan is that person. we.

NSW Elections: Hassan with his wife Mona and child Muhammad in constituency Epping, Epping, Sydney, 25 March 2023, speaks to The Guardian about today’s NSW elections. Photo: Jessica Fromath/The Guardian

Angus Taylor defends Peter Dutton’s level of involvement in NSW elections

Opposition Finance Ministry spokesperson Union The leader is “doing what needs to be done at the federal level.”

Speaking from the local council seat in Goulburn, Taylor told Sky News there was a lot of support for the prime minister. Dominic Perrotet From his federal counterpart:

Peter’s out there, doing what we have to do at the federal level, but there’s been no shortage of federal representatives at the booth in recent weeks, and today.

With the cost of living pressures we are currently seeing, the incumbent government will no doubt be tough.

The Liberal Party has a wide range of churches, with different members representing different regions.

Scott Morrison talks NSW campaign

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison made a rare appearance today, endorsing the campaigns of New South Wales Attorney General Mark Speakman and Liberal MP Eleni Petinos.

Morrison posted a selfie with both MPs on Instagram to support his colleagues at Shire.

Today, along with Mark Speakman and Eleni Petinos MP #keepnswmovingforward, we are happy to support our local Liberal Shire team.

Labor’s Penny Sharp: ‘We need to win a lot of seats’ in NSW elections

Opposition leader of the Senate, penny sharp She told reporters that she was cautious about her vote, even though polls showed Labor just ahead. Union.

She also said the key seats Labor needs to win, including Holsworthy, Reppington and East Hills, all feature candidates who are “strong locals”.

There are a lot of seats that need to be won and seats that have very wide margins. There were different contests and that was always the problem with this campaign.

So Many Different Contests, How Will It Fall?

Hello, Mostafa Lahuwani As the polls come to an end in New South Wales this afternoon, we have an update for you.

Today is up to here. Mostafa Lahuwani brings you afternoon news and NSW election updates. Only a few hours left to vote.

Lafka Touma

Lafka Touma

Sydney to install more female statues after public art labeled ‘sausage party’

City councilors have described Sydney’s public art as a ‘sausage party’ amid a campaign to balance gender expression among the city’s public statues.

The city of Sydney has only six public female statues, including two of Queen Victoria and one of the saints. Mary McKillop.

This trend is spreading across all states in Australia. Six of her 33 statues in Adelaide are of women. Highest percentage of female figuresIn Melbourne and Brisbane only 15% are female.

labor councilor Linda Scott The City of Sydney has submitted a motion to set up a Public Art Advisory Board to guide the process of providing at least three new artworks that “celebrate, commemorate or depict women”. The motion was passed by a majority of the council on March 13, but no date has yet been set for the work to be commissioned.

Here’s Scott:

As for the Sydney statue, it’s unfortunately a bit of a sausage party. There are about five times as many bird statues as there are female statues on the streets of Sydney.

Michael McGowan

Michael McGowan

Analysis – After 12 years of political devastation, Judgment Day is coming to NSW Labor

Senators and unofficial campaign DJs were on Friday as the Labor election bus made its final lap past key seats in western Sydney. rose jackson Started playing “One Day More” from the musical “Les Miserables”.

“Tomorrow is Judgment Day.”

heavy hand? probably. But after the campaign he lasted three months, we can forgive their obvious tropes. After 12 long years, Saturday won’t come anytime soon. New South Wales Labor.

Polls have tightened in recent weeks, but this is an election that Labor is expected to win. Plagued by scandals, celebrity retirements, he faced a 12-year-old government, its fourth premiereanything less will be a disaster.

But the road to victory will not be easy. Read the full analysis here:

Over 1.5 million early votes registered

Early voting is becoming increasingly common, as seen in recent federal and state elections. This has changed the way leaders campaign because they need to convince voters well before election day.

according to New South Wales To date, more than 1.5 million people have already voted in state elections, according to the Election Commission.

Perrottet sells Coalition economic entitlement

Pink cupcakes, blue shirts, and plenty of sausage for the premiere Dominic Perrotet when he voted for his bid to lead the coalition to a historic fourth term in government in NSW.

accompanied by wife Helen “Today is a very important day for the future of our state. Many things are at stake,” said Prime Minister Celeste, the couple’s youngest daughter.

Our party is a team that has transformed NSW for over 12 years. We’ve turned the economy around, built schools and hospitals, built trains and highways, and changed people’s lives.

He also praised the confederacy’s financial credit for helping his family weather rampant inflation.

Without a strong budget, you cannot support your family budget. It is strong economic and financial management that will ensure downward pressure on households…and we have done it.


Anne Davis

Anne Davis

voting, sausage, swimming

Is this Sydney’s most scenic polling station? Workers got in early to get the best real estate Clovelly Surf ClubBut as they ignited the barbecue and the process of democracy, the mood was up from all sides.

A polling station at the Clovelly Surf Club in eastern Sydney.
A polling station at the Clovelly Surf Club in eastern Sydney. Photo: Ann Davis/The Guardian

Albanians say NSW ‘needs regime change’

Back to today’s Prime Minister’s press conference. Anthony Albanese Although clearly advocating a change of state government, his criticism Dominic Perrotet He himself was silent compared to attacks on NSW liberals.

I think New South Wales needs a change of government. You can see governments come to their end of life and are busy fighting each other.with Dominic Perrotet Chris Mings They are both very nice people. i like them both. I have worked closely with Dominic Perrotet, who has been constructive in his relationship as Prime Minister of New South Wales.

Liberals are too busy fighting each other and fighting Nationals and Nationals fighting other Nationals to really fight for the people of NSW. They are distracted from the business of providing better education and health care services and are preoccupied with the privatization of vital assets. NSW can no longer afford to privatize.

Dutton absent from NSW election day

Federal Opposition Leader, Peter Duttonhas been missing from the Coalition’s campaign in the lead-up to a New South Wales poll.

premier Dominic Perrotet Dodging questions about Dutton’s absence on Saturday, he told Seven’s Sunrise show he didn’t need a “wingman” to pitch the election.

This is an election on NSW matters, an election for NSW.

Of course, Dutton’s Dickson seat is in Queensland, which explains why he didn’t vote this morning.

New South Wales Prime Minister Dominic Perrotet with his daughter Celeste and wife Helen Perrotet after casting a vote in Epping's seat.
New South Wales Prime Minister Dominic Perrotet with his daughter Celeste and wife Helen Perrotet after casting a vote in Epping’s seat. Photo: James Gorey/AAP

https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/live/2023/mar/25/nsw-election-australia-news-live-updates-premier-dominic-perrottet-2023-new-south-wales-polls-votes-labor-chris-minns-results-winner-latest-news Live update of the 2023 NSW elections: Dominique Perrotet and Chris Minnes pitch the final.Matt Keene refuses to say whether he will run for Liberal leader – Breaking News | Australian Politics

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