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Lion escapes from Taronga Zoo due to fence


The dramatic escape of five lions at Taronga Zoo has been blamed on the integrity of the enclosure’s fence.

After reviewing an incident in which an adult lion and four lion cubs roamed outside an exhibit before being housed on Wednesday, Sydney said “integrity issues” in the containment fence led to a dramatic escape. I have confirmed that

A full report is currently being prepared for the NSW Primary Industries Authority and the Lions will remain in a holding area behind the house while the full review is being conducted.

No injuries or animals were injured in the escape, and Taronga Zoo remains open.

The findings come after the lion was outside the main enclosure prompting the evacuation of staff and visitors, including groups of school children, at 6 a.m. Wednesday, to the safe zone.

Taronga Zoo Executive Director Simon Duffy said it took less than 10 minutes from the lion’s exit from the main exhibit to a “full emergency response.”

Duffy said the lions were separated from the rest of the Taronga Zoo by a six-foot fence and “never” the lions ever left the zoo.

“Scary” family experience

Taronga Park’s “For those who enjoy the zoo”Roar and Snoring packages – you can camp near animal enclosures – their experience culminated with them Escape to safety during a “code one” (incidents involving dangerous animals).

Magnus Peri told reporters that he and His family of four was staying overnight in a tent as part of Roar and Snore. An alarm was sounded and the keepers urged them to flee to safety..

“They ran down the tent area, said they had Code 1, got out of the tent, and left their belongings behind,” he said.

“They opened the door, they all went in, they counted us, they locked the door, and we were in the building.”

Perry said the visitors knew nothing about the incident taking place outside and only heard of the accidental escape.

“The guide had the radio on and we heard them. They said ‘they are still outside’ so we realized something was out there and said, ‘It’s a lion,’ and we said, ‘Oh, I’m scared,’ he said.

– Use AAPs

https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/2022/11/03/taronga-zoo-lion-escape/ Lion escapes from Taronga Zoo due to fence

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