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Letters and Short Takes Jan 13 2021 | Newcastle Herald

DON Fraser (Short Takes, 9/1) noted comments by two Indigenous peoples against a voice vote in parliament. As support, we offer words from the National Visual Arts Association (NAVA). Part of the organizational statement is to recognize and respect the people of Gadigarh, Wangai, Dargu, Dharawal, Kaurna, Ngunawal, Ngamburi and Ja Ja Ja Ulun as their traditional owners where they live, learn and work. It is written that there is They pay tribute to the elders past, present and future, and point out that sovereignty was never ceded. This will always and will always be Aboriginal land. The breakup is already there and may fail no matter how hard we try.

https://www.newcastleherald.com.au/story/8045601/few-are-left-with-easy-answers-after-cardinal-george-pells-passing/?src=rss Letters and Short Takes Jan 13 2021 | Newcastle Herald

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