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Letters and Short Takes 6 February 2023 | Newcastle Herald

MICHAEL Schien, (“Send a message at the polls”, Letters, 30/1), What bothers me more than anything else for its insidiousness is the huge advertisements on streets, trams, buses and Glencore. Appearance. Its “mining problem” (a model for Black Lives Matter) is a praise of the mining industry that if they want to avoid making the planet unlivable for their children and grandchildren, they should stop mining coal and gas now. sing The global mining giants who virtually pay no taxes and loot our land, water resources and sacred Indigenous sites really need to be stopped by government regulation. But with both parties obsessed with fossil fuel donations, it’s unlikely to happen any time soon. And make sure supercars come out of Newcastle. I believe the harm supercars do to the city and the glamorization of the fossil fuels it burns while it’s here is outrageous.

https://www.newcastleherald.com.au/story/8071501/supercars-parking-hit-for-newcastles-inner-city-drives-too-many-away/?src=rss Letters and Short Takes 6 February 2023 | Newcastle Herald

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