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Leipzig v Man City: Champions League Round of 16, first leg – Live | Champions League

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84 minutes: Gvardiol tries to release Poulsen in midfield but overblots. The ball flies to Edelson. A more considered pass could have troubled City.

82 minutes: Hydara and Poulsen will replace André Silva and Schlager.

81 minutes: Mahrez catches Nkunku with an ankle stud. The referee, who certainly was laissez-faire all night, does nothing. It’s more mistimed than malicious, and probably yellow doesn’t deserve his card, and free he doesn’t even kick?

79 minutes: Grealish dodges the left flank and crosses low, but Bernardo Silva fails to find a shot. On the other hand, here are the health warnings: government Justin Kavanagh: “Students taking exams and Sunday soccer players beware, this Red Bull stuff takes at least 45 minutes to start.”

77 minutes: The city slows things down with sterile possessions in the middle of the park. Smart game management by British champions.

76 minutes: This game is very open now. Leipzig probably think they have to win this leg to win it. So they’re on their way to that precious second goal of his. Now it’s City waiting to sit down and pounce on the counter.

74 minutes: However, City react well to conceding the equalizer. Gundogan meets a low left cross at the end of the Leipzig D, opens his body and steers forcefully down and to the right. Blaswich stuck out his strong arm to make the save, preventing Haaland from catching up to the right-hand post just enough to keep the ball out of danger.

72 minutes: It is nothing more than Leipzig deserves. They must have wished that this version of themselves appeared in the first half.

RB Leipzig deserve a tie. Photo: Lars Baron/Getty Images

goal! Leipzig 1-1 Manchester City (Gvardiol 70)

Shobo Sly crosses from the right side. Walker concedes a corner kick without feeling pressure. Send from left. It pulls back into Shobothry, who fires a rising shot toward the upper left. Ederson tilts it nicely around the post. Another corner comes in…and City’s defense spans the entire show! rice field!

Josko Gvardiol equalizes at RB Leipzig!
Josko Gvardiol equalizes at RB Leipzig! Photo: Lars Baron/Getty Images

68 minutes: For a while everything was Leipzig, so Haaland came here to do something. He bursts into tears after a long pass, passing Gvardiol on the inside right and burning out. He enters the box but trails an uncharacteristically weak effort over goal and left flank.

67 minutes: Werner unleashed Andre Silva into the citybox and passed the slide rule into the left inside channel. Urban crowds and clear. Leipzig keeps pushing.

66 minutes: Leipzig need goals, so he had to come out at some point.In place of Forsberg, their star man Nkunku is here.Nkunku scored a hat-trick with Etihad Airways last season. Remember He has already scored 17 goals this season, but has lost many to injuries.

64 minutes: Forsberg drives through the center and slips the ball to Henrichs on the right. Henrichs crosses low. Ake avoids danger. Henriks has been a staple of the game since going into hiatus.

63 minutes: Andre Silva hip shakes down the inside left channel, dives into the box and tries to gracefully swallow Ederson from a tight angle. The keeper makes his body bigger to save better. Leipzig is approaching.

Andre Silva gave Leipzig a chance and put City under pressure.
Andre Silva gave Leipzig a chance and put City under pressure. Photo: Hannibal Hanschke/EPA

62 minutes: Henriks crosses from the right side. too high. Halstenberg puts it back into his City box from the left. there is no one there. However, this remains promising for Leipzig, another team since the restart.

60 minutes: Harland goes down the channel several times. He has not been spotted by his teammates. But the big man continues.

58 minutes: The crowd is heaving too, so City sweep out of the game with a barren dominance in the middle of the park. Haaland screams for the ball in the center, but he can’t get it.

56 minutes: Leipzig woke up safely. Werner skates down the left side and cuts back from the signature panel. Ederson parried at the near post and hit the ball from a lurking Forsberg. For the first time this evening, City had some questions.

55 minutes: Leipzig have created chances so far. Schlager sashayed from the left and rolled in the infield, with Shoboslai finding Henrich a few acres to the right. He rolls a slanted pass towards Henrichs going into the box with Ederson and his 1-1!He sent a shot across the city keeper…and inches wide in the bottom left corner. Close to an equalizer!

As Leipzig approaches, Benjamin Henrichs fires just wide.
As Leipzig approaches, Benjamin Henrichs fires just wide. Photo: Nigel Keene/ProSports/Shutterstock

53 minutes: A cross sent to the city box from the left. Newcomer Henrichs got a header but could only send it harmlessly over the bar from 12 yards. Edelson has it covered.

52 minutes: Ederson is a long run. Haaland rose high and flicked Bernardo’s header to Mahrez, who was laid off by Silva. He can’t get into the box from the right flank and his moves fall apart. Still, I’m almost out. Pep goes to Leap.

50 minutes: Gundogan bursts from the left flank and benefits from Eyke’s troubles for Halstenberg. He reaches the byline and turns back towards Mahrez. Mahrez’s shot cannot go through the bushes of players in the 6-yard box. Leipzig clear the line.

49 minutes: Gvardior erased that momentum early in the second half by taking a brooding pass out of play with no pressure whatsoever.

48 minutes: Leipzig have been clearly given what to do by coach Marco Rose. They are now on their feet at the Manchester City grill and ready to take on the challenge. Schlager rolls the pass left and Halstenberg shuttles forward towards Werner. The former Chelsea player enters the box but fails to shoot. Still, he’s a lot better from the host that finally shows up.

46 minutes: At the beginning of the second half, he touched Haaland. So far, he’s only on his eighth night. It’s not ideal, but we know this kind of thing often ends.

Leipzig entered the second half. They replaced Klostermann with Henrich. “I’m no tactical genius, but Leipzig need to change their approach dramatically if they want to turn this around. Gatorade. Lucozard. Carabao. Anything! Anything!” He’s been here all week. Try caffeine, taurine, sucrose, and glucose in a solution of carbonated water, baking soda, and magnesium carbonate.

Halftime: RB Leipzig 0-1 Manchester City.

Scorelines compliment the host. City played very well. Red Bull, by contrast, left their wings behind. They need to find them for their late quick smarts.

Pep likes what he saw at halftime.
Pep likes what he saw at halftime. Photo: Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images

45 minutes +1: Leipzig finally made Ederson work! Werner dribbles into City’s box from the left, widens the scene, then curls harmlessly towards the bottom right. At least Ederson’s hands are kept warm. Oh, it would have been offside anyway. Still, it’s better than nothing. Leipzig has a low standard.

45 minutes: You have 1 minute extra time. “Leipzig has no purpose,” wrote Ahmed Hassen-Jogi. “Man City are playing home and away and dominating. Man City and Real Madrid are solid favorites to reach the final.”

44 minutes: Walker passed Andre Silva, who put his arms around the City man’s shoulders and dragged him down. A free kick, but the referee doesn’t mind showing him his card for yellow again. In this regard, Leipzig probably ran out of luck.

42 minutes: Grealish is pulled back by Klosterman. There are no penalties for players and Grealish is a bit frustrated with being fouled all the time. A little mercy, but at least he’s used to being treated like that, so he shouldn’t be too rattled.

40 minutes: Halstenberg went down left. He just boxed Werner and sends in a cross about 20 feet overhead. A few moans from home support are not worth your money tonight.

39 minutes: “Jack is playing a great game!” observes Nora Mulcahy. Indeed he is and his determined dribbling on the left flank earns him another City corner. Rodri runs into this again and sends another header wide right.

Jack Grealish is running the Manchester City show in Leipzig this evening.
Jack Grealish is running the Manchester City show in Leipzig this evening. Photo: Ronny Hartmann/AFP/Getty Images

38 minutes: Leipzig’s no-show has attracted worldwide attention. The punter is raising his stick! Indianapolis’ Joe Pearson promises:

https://www.theguardian.com/football/live/2023/feb/22/leipzig-v-man-city-champions-league-last-16-first-leg-live Leipzig v Man City: Champions League Round of 16, first leg – Live | Champions League

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