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Labor movement kicks off: Anthony Albanese accuses NSW government of scandals, resignation and misconduct in funding bushfires

As the party’s campaign for the 2023 state elections officially kicked off on Sunday, die-hard Labor supporters were eagerly listening to the opposition’s plans for states.

To the cheers of a packed audience, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese denounced the “Noalition” government and Chris Minnes persuaded voters to cut HECS by $12,000 for students studying in the health field.

The prime minister sang the NSW opposition leader’s praises while lashing out at the scandal endured by Prime Minister Dominique Perrotet’s government. Albanese rushed to withhold a Labor-held wildfire recovery grant to voters after Black Saturday opened fire in the office of then-deputy prime minister John Barillaro.

camera iconPrime Minister Anthony Albanese called the current NSW government ‘Nooriton’. NewsWire/Monique Hammer credit: News Corp Australia
Launch of NSW Labor Campaign
camera iconPrime Minister Anthony Albanese and Deputy Labor Leader Prue Carr with South West Labor Leader Chris Mings (center). NewsWire/Monique Hammer credit: News Corp Australia

“On the one hand, governments are collapsing before our eyes, cracking like imported light rail vehicles and crumbling like outsourced ferries,” Albanese said on stage. He spoke to enthusiastic cheers and enthusiastic applause.

“Even though scandal-plagued, resignation-plagued, and stooped to the point of ruining wildfire aid, to say this still shakes my heart.

“Imagine the lack of character required to do that.”

Among the crowd were Morris Yema (the last Labor Prime Minister of New South Wales to win state elections), Mr Mins’ wife Anna and eldest son Joe.

Launch of NSW Labor Campaign
camera iconChris Mings and wife Anna Mings. NewsWire/Monique Hammer credit: News Corp Australia

Local singer Georgia Mooney kicked off the launch with a medley of songs. Giving a welcome to the country, Brendan ‘Japangardi’ Kellyn also shot Barb at the premiere.

“There have been three catastrophes in the last three years: Covid, the floods and Dominic Perrotet,” he said.

“Covid: out of our control. Weather: this is out of our control, too. Dominique Perrotet: We can make a difference.”

$12,000 Cash Promise for Health Students

In his speech to Labor supporters, Ms Mins backed up the usual suspects: the need for education reform, retention of teachers, promises to end privatization and abolition of wage caps.

Mings also unveiled the latest Labor Party policy pledge. He offers her HECS grant of up to $12,000 to students studying medicine, nursing, midwifery, and allied health care if he commits to working in the public health system for at least five years after graduation. It’s a plan.

Those currently enrolled in the course will also have access to a one-time payment of $8,000 upon graduation, with 2,000 locations planned over three years.

“We will bring more people into our health system, but we also need to support those who are already working,” Minns said.

COVID test
camera iconThe $76 million plan will provide up to $12,000 in grants to students studying medicine, nursing, midwifery, and related health. NCA Newswire / Gay Gerald credit: News Corp Australia

Labor on Sunday announced a $93 million push to hire 1,000 new apprentices and trainees by 2026. This includes hands-on training at Essential Energy, the construction of the Tangalle Railway built in New South Wales, and a Labor Party-pledged $1.3 billion Energy Security Corporation.

“The government is the biggest employer in the country, but we only employ 1,300 apprentices. We need to do better. We need to lead the way. let me,” he said.

“My message to the next generation of Australian youth is clear: We stand by you. Under the Labor Government, your potential is limitless,” he said.

AUSTRALIA - NewsWire Photo - Editorial general stock photo of a general view of Australian cash currency.Photo: NCA NewsWire / Nicholas Eager
camera icon2,000 current students a year will have access to a $2,000 payout if they commit to working for five years NCA NewsWire/Nicholas Eatar credit: NCA Newswire

Mings announces potential new cabinet

If he wins state elections, Mings has also identified key members of his front line.

Daniel Mookey will move on to become Treasurer, but the current Shadow Ministry is Prue Carr as Minister of Education, Joe Halen as Minister of Transport, Penny Sharp as Minister of Environment, Ryan Park as Minister of Health, and Ryan Park as Minister of Finance. Retain their respective positions, including Anurak Chanvitong.

Perrottet’s government stands to lose 15 current ministers who will not be rematched in the current election. This includes retired ministers such as Health Secretary Brad Hazard, Infrastructure Secretary Rob Stokes and Customer Service Secretary Victor Dominero.

In February, NSW Treasurer Damian Tudehope was forced to resign after failing to disclose more than $60,000 in Transurban shares in a diversified superannuation fund.

In 2022, Fair Trade Minister Eleni Petinos also resigned from her portfolio of ministers over bullying allegations, but she remains Miranda’s liberal candidate.

https://thewest.com.au/news/labor-campaign-launch-anthony-albanese-blasts-nsw-government-for-scandals-resignations-and-bushfire-funding-rort-c-9943770 Labor movement kicks off: Anthony Albanese accuses NSW government of scandals, resignation and misconduct in funding bushfires

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