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Joy shares the joy of dragonflies

Collaroy’s Jenny Lyle also observed the “Beauty of Dragonfly Biblical Proportions (C8)” at Collaroy Beach last weekend. She was told she enjoys increased mosquitoes due to damp conditions. I haven’t seen a Mozzie so they must be doing a great job. ”

Taking a cue from her first name, Harrington’s Joy Cooksey said: find safety. ”

Mark Westwood of Narooma fondly recalls a Volkswagen repair manual (C8) from the 1970s.title complete stupid manual, the first page had a sideways photo of the Beetle appropriately labeled “front” and “back”. . ”

Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki of Maroubra, admitting that his specialty is not entomology, deduces from his reading: Asymmetrical twitching of the strong hind legs can cause the cockroach to flip onto its back and die. Alternatively, they lose their power as death approaches. Cockroaches have a high center of gravity. Weakness in one side of the leg can cause you to flip over onto your back. ”

Kurrajong’s David Griffiths answers Norm Neill’s cockroach question (C8). “It’s a thoughtful service, so you can easily tell the dead from the living.”

To add to her ever-growing collection of recipes (C8), Gwen Fergus of Barrack Heights shares her grandmother’s handwritten recipe for New Year’s Day eggnog in indelible pencil from circa 1906 (Remember?) Did. Spawn, 1 quart heavy cream, 1 quart premium brandy, with easy instructions, whisk, mix until smooth, freeze (then put in ice box). Gwen paid special attention to the last line of the recipe.

When his three children were young, Galston’s Rod Yates struggled to manage mealtimes while working long hours, so he bought a then-novelty microwave oven. “I had to go to the store and came back half an hour later and not only did they unwrap it, but Stephanie, who was about six years old, invented the cake. It’s delicious.” purple The cake was cooked in an ice cream bucket. No, I don’t have a recipe (C8)”


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