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John Bowie’s ex-partner tells murder trial about ‘a lot of violence’ in their relationship

Crown prosecutors’ lawsuit against John Bowie ended when two former partners accused him of domestic violence.

WARNING: Readers are advised that this article contains details that some people may find distressing.

The 72-year-old has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Loxlyn Bowie, who disappeared from his Walgett home in northwestern New South Wales on June 5, 1982.

Bowie’s body has never been found.

Less than three weeks after her disappearance, Mr. Bowie moved from Walgett to Sydney, where he met and remarried Ann Archer that July.

Ms Archer, who now goes by the name Anne Bowie, told the court that her relationship with Bowie was an on-again, off-again affair with “a lot of violence”.

She said in court that she had been treated for injuries to “an arm, a broken rib, and a cruciate ligament in her left leg,” and that her upper lip had been “studded after being punched in the mouth.”

Archer said he needed surgery because he injured his leg when “John picked me up from the bed and threw me on the floor.”

“At first I screamed, punched, punched. I was beaten in my arms, chest and legs,” she said.

“My bruising was so bad that I had to wear a nursing cardigan to work during the summer.”

Roxlyn Bowie was 31 when he disappeared from Walgett.(By: NSW Police)

Early in the trial, Brenda Boyd, the only living child of Roxlin and John Bowie, was found in court “before her seventh birthday” with her father, brother and Ms. Archer in an apartment in Lakemba. I remembered that I had moved.

Boyd turned seven on August 20, 1982. It’s been less than three months since her mother went missing.

Attorney Winston Terracini SC told Archer that the couple often quarreled over Mr. Bowie’s infidelity, “a lot of the fights you put the belt on him.”

Ms. Archer claimed that her beating her husband was “just revenge.”

A court heard part of a statement Archer filed with police in 1988 and found “several women’s jewelry”, including an engagement ring, in a glass jar in the home he shared with Bowie. Stated.

Archer considered using the diamond from Roxlyn’s engagement ring to make a new engagement ring with Bowie, but in the end “he pawned it,” said Archer.

The defense claimed that Archer found a wedding ring in the vial, but pointed out that the police statement made no mention of the ring.

Photo of a woman and a man smiling at the camera, the man with his hands around his waist
John Bowie (right) pleads not guilty to murdering his wife Roxlyn (left).(By: NSW Police Media)

violence report

Donna Kunell first met Mr. Bowie “circa 1996” when she was a single mother living in Pottsville, northern New South Wales.

The couple moved together to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and welcomed daughter Sarah in March 1999.

They were in an “on and off” relationship for about ten years before finally separating in 2006.

Ms Kuhnell told the court that Mr Bowie hit her during an argument while driving her daughter, then 3, in the car.

Woman wearing sunglasses standing with her baby
John Bowie has been charged with murdering Rockslyn Bowie (pictured) in 2019.(By: NSW Police)

“He used his hand and punched me across the lip and side of my face…my lip started to swell,” she said.

About a year later, Kuhnell said he was living with his children at his mother’s house in Murwillumbah in northern NSW.

Mr. Bowie showed up one day saying, “He wasn’t supposed to be there,” and said he wanted to move out.

Kuhnell said she got upset when she declined.

“He put his hand to my throat and pushed me to the side of the house and said he was moving out,” she told the court.

“It was pretty tough. I could still breathe, but I could feel it. [his hand] Compress the airway.

“Maybe 15, 20 seconds.”

Discussion about Roxlyn Bowie

Mr Kunel told the court he knew Bowie was missing, but only asked him once.

“I asked him if he knew what happened to Roxlyn.

“He just got mad and yelled at me for asking and doubting him.”

Kuhnell said Bowie was upset about the situation while driving one time.

“He was venting the gas saying police had searched the loop pits and mine shafts and found nothing there,” she said.

Koenell told the court that if the defendant was going to do anything to Roxlin, he would have fed the pigs because there was nothing left.

Mr. Kuhnell disagreed with the defense’s suggestion that Mr. Bowie had maintained his innocence in the conversation.

“He never said, ‘I have nothing to do with it,'” she said.

Royal Prosecutor Alex Morris is scheduled to deliver closing remarks on Monday.

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-10-21/bowie-murder-trial-former-partners-lots-of-violence/101563238 John Bowie’s ex-partner tells murder trial about ‘a lot of violence’ in their relationship

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