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Jared Hein becomes ‘target’ in custody, must protect family from trolls, court says

Former NRL player Jared Hayne’s lawyers argue he should remain on bail pending sexual assault verdict because he will be a ‘target’ for other prisoners, court says heard.

Hayne, 35, was found guilty on Tuesday of two counts of having sex without the consent of a Newcastle woman in 2018.

A packed room at Sydney’s Downing Center District Court today heard that his high profile would put him at risk if he was not remanded and held as a convicted prisoner.

His barrister, Margaret Canine SC, opposed the detention petition filed by prosecutors, saying Hein needed to be free so he could “protect his family” from the media “mob.” rice field.

A new bail law introduced last year requires offenders to show “special or exceptional circumstances” to preserve their freedom if convicted of a full-time prison sentence, the court said. heard.

The former rugby league star faces up to 14 years in prison.

Former NRL star Jared Hain was found guilty of sexual assault after more than a week of deliberations by a third jury.()

This is the second time he has been convicted in the case, and an appeals court last year overturned his previous conviction and five-year, nine-month sentence.

Judge Graham Turnbull, who will be tasked with handing down the sentence, told the court on Thursday that there was “no doubt” that Hayne would go to prison again.

Hein’s wife, Amelia Bonici, was called as a witness and told the court that the couple had three young children.

Bonici said she had to move out of Sydney to receive support from her “extended family” when her husband was imprisoned.

She said she “can’t even put into words” the impact of her husband’s imprisonment on her family.

Cunneen said there was “a toxic flavor and a great deal of pungency” from online trolls targeting Hayne and his family during the nearly five-year legal ordeal.

During that time, he never violated his bail conditions or committed another crime.

She argued that the client should remain out on bail so that she could protect her family from “constant” press coverage and help her move to the countryside.

His case presented a special circumstance, she said.

“Unless there are special circumstances in this case, we would never see such a large press presence in court,” Kanine said.

A barrister said the level of abuse directed at Hein’s family was disproportionate to his crimes.

“Mr. Hayne is being treated as the most evil and serious sex offender on the planet.”

Prosecutor John Sphinath said Mr Hein’s bail was neither exceptional nor extraordinary and was based on the fact that “the perpetrator is a prominent footballer”.

Lawyer Margaret Canine SC and Jared Hain walking outside the courtroom.()

Judge Turnbull said Hein is a “full-time father” and has not worked since his arrest in 2018, except for the nine months he spent in prison.

The judge said courts act “humanely” by sending offenders to prison as convicted prisoners so that they are not remanded.

He said the last time Hayne was remanded, he was “thrown” at fruit by other inmates before being transferred to the Couma Correctional Center, a facility that houses prominent inmates.

The social media posts also encourage prisoners to take “acts of revenge” against Hein in custody, the court said.

Haein was out on bail pending the date of his final sentencing in 2021.

He was subsequently released in February 2022 after appealing the jury verdict and ordering a new trial.

The hearing before Judge Turnbull continues.

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-04-06/jarryd-hayne-detention-application-after-sexual-assault-verdict/102195150 Jared Hein becomes ‘target’ in custody, must protect family from trolls, court says

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