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Is there a voter who speaks loudest?

welcome home Very truly yours. Thousands of letter writers and online commenters this week expressed their views on the proposed “Voice” to Congress, explaining whether they would vote against or for it.

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Can the referendum be postponed?

  • Indigenous Voices As the referendum solidifies its support for the No faction, are you wondering if Anthony Albanese should have approached the issue differently? This question was posed by a columnist. Hundreds of readers responded to. Sean Carney.


Alexander Peron I salute the Prime Minister for his courage in moving to enact a referendum. I also admire his nerve to let Australians decide for themselves how they vote. It’s still early days. Even if the referendum fails, it is not the prime minister’s fault, but the will of the people.

MWD The referendum cannot be postponed to a second Labor term. Imagine how much damage the Duttons have done to good intentions by then. I despair for this country, I really do.

Andrew Mackintosh Cromer If those who believe in indigenous justice do not support a yes vote, they are too loud.

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Would you like to change the constitution?

  • this week’s solve political surveillance The chief political correspondent wrote that he underscored the grave danger of defeat if the prime minister and Jesus activists did not take drastic action to defend their cause David Crowe. Readers have told us where we stand.

Andy No referendum will be held, although not for the question just now. It’s time to retreat.

Nixon There is absolutely no reason to change the Constitution to improve the lives of disadvantaged indigenous peoples. This is just an emotionally driven scam advertised by the Yes Campaign.


supernova Please vote yes. A voice absolutely makes a difference.

haha If voice proponents really believe in the idea of ​​participating in a “conversation,” they need to be reminded that a conversation is more than one voice overriding all others. . What began with such noble intentions could not be articulated, and more importantly, could not be heard.

stagman Why do we need voice? Governments already have the power to make a difference if they want to. Looks like tokenism to me.

Mr. Greengrass Please vote up. It would make Australia a better place.

wise old bird Until it’s fully explained and completely understood by laymen, I’m going to vote with a big question mark.

Peter Campbell, Pottspoint As a privileged descendant of the not-so-great First Fleet, I don’t need to read through many explanations as to why this is happening. For me, the “voice” is an object of faith and long awaited.

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Is the ‘Voice’ debate dragged on by partisan politics?

  • federal political reporter Paul Sukkur Campaigners against the Voices referendum are armed with misinformation to imitate Donald Trump as Voices supporters plead with Australians to hold on to their belief in promoting reconciliation. wrote.


Barry French, Cronulla A referendum on “voices” is really about two voices. One is the voice of Indigenous representatives and the other is Australia’s moral and political voice on the world stage. Indeed, if we, as a country, decide that indigenous peoples should be silenced, then all of Australia must be similarly silent when it comes to international human rights and social justice debates. The choice is really tough. Responsibility so important. Upvotes are important.

Philip Jarman Bracken Point The logical order seems to me to be ‘Voice’ then ‘Treaty’, but part of that includes or could include the notion of removing ‘Voice’. there is.

Jill Napier Fegans Bay No campaigners argue that having an advisory group drawn from, in effect, less than 4 percent of the population to advise only on issues that affect this less than 4 percent would somehow disturb the harmony of Australia. There will be Am I missing something?

rh100 There may be misinformation circulating as the government has not disclosed details about Voice.

Tim Chait, North Rocks Some indigenous people tell us to vote against them because their voice is not enough, but if that fails, how will the larger cause succeed?

gobmac For one to claim that the other is politicizing an issue is itself an act of politicization. Unfortunately, the critical debate over constitutional change is dragged along by the grisly cat-on-dog spirit of partisan politics.

  • You can join the conversation at smh.com.au Comment section for each article letter to the editor in print and online. See you next Friday. it’s yours Sincerely, Pat Stringa, letter editor

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