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Investigation underway in massive fire in Sydney CBD


Police and New South Wales Fire and Rescue Service investigators will search the wreckage of a flame-engulfed former hat factory and another empty building in Sydney’s central business district.

The fire was finally extinguished around 2 a.m. Friday, but it came amid concerns officials expressed concern that the danger was not over yet.

On Thursday afternoon, workers were summoned to a heritage-listed building on Rundle Street in Surry Hills. Two skyscrapers completely extinguished.

Police arrived soon after and cordoned off the scene, blocking nearby roads and suspending light rail services in the eastern suburbs.

Neighboring residents were ordered to evacuate as the fire released toxic smoke into the air.

The only injuries reported in the fire were minor burns sustained by firefighters.

Neighboring buildings suffered minor damage, mainly due to the intense heat.

On Thursday, Jeremy Futrell, deputy chairman of the New South Wales Fire and Rescue Commission, said the fire was one of the biggest in Sydney in years.

He said he was “incredibly lucky” that no one was seriously injured in extremely dangerous conditions. One firefighter suffered minor burns to his arm.

A total of 120 firefighters were dispatched to the fire, and it was announced that the fire was mostly extinguished by around 7 pm.

Firefighters were dispatched to the scene to try to determine the cause of the fire. The police will also investigate.

Over 100 firefighters fought the blaze

Adam Dewbery, the New South Wales Fire and Rescue Commissioner, said it was “very likely” that more walls would collapse in the burned building.

“We’re talking tons of bricks that could fall and become projectiles,” Dewberry told Nines. today’s show on friday.

“That’s why we have a very strict no-go zone, and no one, including firefighters, is allowed to enter until the engineers arrive.”

Diversions were also made on Friday along Elizabeth Street, Rundle Street and Chalmers Street in the CBD.

Smoke and flames could be seen from all over Sydney. Photo: AAP

Residents appreciated the quick response.

On Thursday afternoon, the roof of the factory burst into flames and collapsed. The floor then collapsed, and shortly before 5pm part of the building’s wall collapsed, sending red-hot bricks rolling onto the street.

A vehicle parked next to the building was also destroyed by the fire.

Futrell praised residents of nearby apartments and other buildings for quickly evacuating when multiple fire alarms went off.

“There were also some fires that spread to apartment buildings … Firefighters were able to extinguish them and prevent further penetration into the building and causing significant damage.”

Futrell said two buildings involved in the fire were believed to have been vacant.

“It was an incredibly violent fire, and the building was an old, type of construction with lots of timber frames and floors, and obviously well-dried timber.

He said firefighters still have a lot of work to do. The situation lasted until Friday as fire and police investigators tried to determine the cause of the blaze.

The fire closed a nearby street, forcing bus rerouting and the suspension of nearby tram services, affecting the movement of thousands of commuters.

There were plans to transform a former hat factory on Rundle Street into a 114-room “Hat Hotel”. daily telegraph report.

-With AAP

https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/state/nsw/2023/05/26/fire-sydney-cbd-investigation/ Investigation underway in massive fire in Sydney CBD

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