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Interactive projector works magic for Portland residents

After installing a Tovertafel interactive projector at the Portland Tabulam Health Center, nursing home residents are enjoying more than just entertainment and games.

Also known as ‘The Magic Table’, Tobertafel uses new therapeutic techniques to project interactive light animations and games onto the tabletop. Animations respond to hand movements, allowing residents to interact with the projections through fun activities that can be played alone or in groups.

Touching colorful fish and watching them scurry in rippling waters and under water lilies is one of Portland Tublum’s favorite Tbertafell activities.

Tovertafel applies evidence-based play therapy to stimulate physical activity and social interaction. This technology is beneficial in improving the physical, cognitive, social and sensory levels of older adults and people with dementia.

Nicole Simmons, nurse manager at Portland Tublum Health Center, said Tobertafel is a valuable addition to the center.

“Tobertafel has brought a lot of happiness to the residents and has become a very popular activity,” says Nicol.

“Our residents enjoy playing with it and love hearing laughter and chatter from the group while in use.”

Nicole says the benefits of Tobertafel go far beyond the entertainment value it provides.

“This allows residents to engage with each other in a really fun way. ‘, says Nicole.

Tovertafel was generously donated by the family of former Portland Tabulam Health Center resident Joan Harvison.

https://www.nsw.gov.au/health/nbmlhd/news/stories/interactive-projector-works-its-magic-portland-residents Interactive projector works magic for Portland residents

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