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Indigenous Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price says Lisa Wilkinson did not reach out personally to apologize

The Indigenous senator, who was ridiculed as a “diversity pick” by Lisa Wilkinson, said the star journalist did not reach out to her directly to apologize.

Northern Territory CLP Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa-Pryce said Friday during a pre-interview with Brittany Higgins and partner David Schallers that media personalities commented on the senator and pronounced her name. He lashed out at Mr. Wilkinson because of the struggling audio.

Late Friday, the project’s former host released the following statement: “I sincerely apologize to Senator Price for any offense I may have caused.

“The conversation was private and was not intended to be taken out of context and made public.

“Our conversations were about the need for real real change within the Liberal Party and how many pre-elected women MPs are in a losing position.”

camera iconCLP Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa-Pryce said she had not heard from Wilkinson. NCA NewsWire / Glenn Campbell, credit: NCA Newswire

But Sen. Price said on Monday that she had not yet heard from Wilkinson, instead saying an apology statement had been sent to her through her staff.

“She hasn’t personally apologized to me,” Sen. Price told Sky News’ Shirley Markson in her first post-attack interview on Monday.

“If she was a real woman, she would call me and apologize in person.”

She said Paramount Australia representative Beverly McGarvey called to apologize on behalf of 10 Network, but Mr Wilkinson did not respond.

On Friday, Senator Price denounced Mr Wilkinson, saying the journalist lives in an ivory tower and is far from the real issue with Aboriginal Australians.

“Those are derogatory and racist comments…what do you expect from those who wake up,” she told 2GB.

“This project has never been interested in the views of conservative Aboriginal women from the Australian Outback.

Senator Price said what angered her most was Mr. Wilkinson’s suggestion that she was some sort of diversity candidate.

“I would definitely expect an apology from 10 Network and Lisa Wilkinson herself. That would be decent,” she said.

“Unfortunately, this awakened culture allows racism to exist overtly.”

NCA 27OCT22_Higgins Lehmann Trial
camera iconWilkinson’s comments were made during a preparatory session for a project interview with Brittany Higgins and her partner David Schallers. NCA NewsWire / Gary Ramage credit: News Corp Australia

The comments were made in a preliminary interview with Higgins and his partner David Schallers.

In part of a pre-recorded interview with Higgins that was leaked, Wilkinson said the coalition had “pre-selected more than 20 new, wonderfully diverse and strong female candidates. Her name was What is it, Nam… Namping Jumba?” he pointed out. (sic). She is an indigenous woman. ”

“She obviously got in. It was definitely a safe seat,” Mr. Schallers said with a laugh.

“That’s exactly right. The moment I saw it, I was like, ‘Oh, you’re kidding,'” Wilkinson said.

“They are pre-selected with seats they can’t win,” Schallers added.

https://thewest.com.au/news/indigenous-senator-jacinta-nampijinpa-price-says-lisa-wilkinson-has-not-contacted-her-personally-to-apologise-c-10957434 Indigenous Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price says Lisa Wilkinson did not reach out personally to apologize

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