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Iconic Australian foods you should try

Perhaps you know about a few of Australia’s famous dishes, what are your favourites? Some can be found on a Mojo surf tour! My favourite is Vegemite.

Foods to try in Australia Summary

Australian cuisine is interesting and even quirky. Aussie food is amazing at attracting together people, sharing their stories and often even stimulating debates. Australia’s culinary influences come from many different places. Its diverse variety of culinary traditions from Britain to China has created an exquisite cuisine. Try these foods when you visit Australia. From the smouldering meats on the grill to the iconic sweet treats at the shops that take Australian kids back to their childhoods the Australian food is a must try and enjoy. Not forgetting food mistakes, one must avoid.

Arnott Biscuits

Arnott’s is the manufacturer who created our beloved Tim Tam and makes other favourites such as Mint Sliced & Little Teddy. Get a variety of biscuit packs that will taste every classic. A variety of savoury biscuit shapes come with moreish tastes such as pizza, grilled cheese, bacon and Chicken Crimpy. All Aussie children are familiar with finding shapes or little Teddies on their lunch boxes. Are you excited? URURUS Explorer. RESERVE THE TRIP.

Freddo Frogs and Caramello Koalas

This little chocolate frog and Koa frog is based on Cadbury Milk Chocolate. This product is a great choice for the whole family. There are many tasty flavour options including strawberry, peppermint, pineapple and pop candy. The simple Freddo frog and gooey caramel Caramelo koalas have the most enduring. Does anyone else feel motivated? Cairns Explorer. READ THE TRIP NOW.

Meat Pies

The hot, flaky package is on the menu of every social event or sporting event. Try a classic pork pie with tomato sauce in a local restaurant. Or taste our many other popular varieties including Beef

Curry Pie, Butter Chicken Pie and Chicken & Leek Pie. Pies can be very good ideas for Australians. Do you feel energized? Rottnest Island & Margaret River – BOOK OUR TRAIL.

Caramel Slices

The treats have a simple biscuit base and a soft caramel coating and a dark chocolate top containing every ingredient necessary for a successful meal. I wouldn’t recommend you not eat this while you are in Sydney. They are readily available. The majority of hot bread shops and cheaper baking shops sell them for a few dollars.

Chicken Parmigiana

Although Italian in name a “Parma”, the dish is an Australian Pub tradition which is served with chicken schnitzel, tomatoes, ham and melt cheese. Chicken Parma comes topped with crispy hot chips and a side salad that practically everyone eats. Read about 13 interesting things to experience in West Australian cities.

Aussie BBQ

Australian barbecues are renowned for their meat and seafood dishes. I don’t know how it was inspired by chucking shrimp at a barbeque because I have never seen Australians actually grill them! Do I feel excited? North Queensland adventures. RESERVE A VISIT NOW.

Golden Gaytime

The Golden Gay Time is Australia’s best ice-cream with vanilla and toffee centre covered with chocolate and stuffed with biscuit crumbs. Nothing compares to this ice cream on warm summer days.

Tell me the best time to visit Australia?

The best time to visit Australia is determined by your destination country. Australia’s Northern half is drier and the most accessible between April and September. Warm sunny days show the national park at its finest, providing a chance to swim and barbecue. It has more rain between October and March, but the active wildlife and wetlands have boosted its growth. In the South Australian part, the summer season is warm between January and February. Autumn (April to May) is also a wonderful season. There are many festivals and busy grape harvests.

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Visiting Australia in January – March

The warm weather and stormy tropical rain bursts are characteristic for the season in north Australia. During the wet seasons northern Australia experiences difficult access. In the south the days have hot sunshine and although there is heavy rainfall, these pass quickly. During these years Australians take time out of work, the annual Australian Day celebration takes place in January and there are numerous sports and festivals. It is often busy in southern areas, or on the beach. The Reef is accessible; however, the temperature is temperamental during this time.

Visiting Australia in June – September

Northern Australia’s dry season (the winter in Australia) is a season with sunny days and warm temperatures that are ideal to explore in water and in the air. The tide currents at The Great Barrier Reef tend to be gentler and provide better underwater conditions. The South Region of the country has warmer weather that makes good trekking possible although it may rain in some places. The

season is a quieter season in the south and a comfortable temperature makes this an ideal time for visiting some inland areas of the country.

Visiting Australia in October – December

As temperatures and humidity increase north there are thunderstorms. The rain may provide nourishing rain and transform the outback landscape with native wildflowers. Coastal high winds may hinder access to reef islands. Across the south it’s spring. Terribile walks are available to the visitors of National Parks and coastal areas. At Christmas time, Christmas lights and trees are visible around towns and cities. The year ends with new year festivities with spectacular fireworks displays.

Visiting Australia in April – May

The temperature is comfortable and the summer crowd has started fading. Roads in the region are open to improve accessibility in remote areas of the city. April is the best time to visit the south. In the month of April, it continues to be bright with sunshine but the weather starts to slow down, allowing for significant changes to the landscape.

What month is the hottest in Australia?

Generally speaking, the hottest month is January. It would seem like this is a good month to go south and escape hot weather. Typically, the coldest months are June, July, and August.

What is the best time of year to visit Australia and New Zealand?

As we travel across New Zealand late October and early November it becomes longer and warmer. Visit Australia’s highest-end attractions will be best done in April until Sept. Keep in mind there won’t be enough daylight to get there, it’s also a great holiday time.

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