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How To Prep Your Home For A Cement Render

Cement rendering increases the protection of your walls against the elements, such as rain, wind, and extreme heat. It also enhances your property’s aesthetics and value since it covers the cracks and imperfections of a surface. This process also strengthens your walls and surfaces and provides better insulation for your home.

Suppose you’re considering cement rendering to your walls. In that case, you may need to know how to prepare your home for the process. This may help to increase the quality of cement render and make the application smooth and even. For that purpose, here’s an article to guide you. So, read on!

  • Assess The Surface

Assessing the surface is the first step in preparing the walls. In many cases, this may help you measure the dimensions of the surfaces so you have proper estimates of the materials you’d need for the process. In addition, it also paves the way for the appropriate cost estimates of the project.

Furthermore, checking the surfaces may help you anticipate the thickness of the mortar mix. It can give you an idea of how many coats the rendering will need. Based on the assessment, you may also decide on the appropriate depth, colour, and texture. You may visit https://rockcote.com.au/ for more ideas.

  • Remove Details

If exterior details, such as bargeboards, pipes, and cables, are present on the surfaces, you may need to remove them at once. In most cases, you’ll need to adjust the position of the vents, window sills, and metal stops. One way to know if the surfaces are ready for application is the absence of anything that may block the tools during mortar mix application.

  • Identify The Areas Where You’d Apply Cement Render

Some surfaces are evenly patched. Some may have significant holes, while others may have hairline cracks. Through evaluation, you can identify the areas of concern or the spots needing immediate cement rendering. In checking the surfaces for the damage to address, you need to look for the hard-to-reach areas as they’re usually the parts with hidden cracks and flaking.

How To Prep Your Home For A Cement Render
The process of leveling plaster as a rule after application by machine. Interior finishing works. Man pulls plaster using a rule.

In addition, evaluating the walls for imperfections or signs of damage may need more time as you’re required to check every crack to see if it’s too severe to ignore or not. If the damage is too significant, you may consider total materials replacement. However, this could be too costly. If you’re considering a part-by-part application, you may start with a particular or an exterior wall that requires a quick mortar application.

  • Prepare The Surface

Preparing the surfaces before rendering includes cleaning the entire surface and covering the flaws. You can chip away the old render using a cold chisel. You may also use the chisel to scrape the paint and the bumps caused by dirt and grime. After the old render and paint removal, use a broom to remove the dirt and debris left on the surfaces.

If the surfaces have stubborn dirt, consider using a soapy solution to soften the dirt. Also, you can wash the greasy portions of the walls with the solution. This can help neutralize the odours on the walls. You may also need to use a hard-bristled broom to flake off the dirt. Afterwards, wash the solution with a pressure washer or bucket and water.

  • Prepare For Insulation

If external wall insulation is to be applied before cement rendering, you need to fix your wall. You may glue some boards or slabs to the walls or repair the surfaces manually to install the boards and slabs needed for wall insulation before cement rendering.

  • Create A Foundation

Applying a fabric mesh over insulation is one way of reinforcing the surfaces. In many cases, the mesh prevents cracks from appearing on the concrete. This also strengthens the foundation necessary for proper and easy cement render application. Collectively, this will pave the way for a well-renovated house you can sell for a better price.

Wrapping Up

Cement rendering is one of the effective ways of enhancing the walls. Many homeowners prefer this option because it’s less expensive, improves the walls’ durability, and provides better protection. While the quality of the mortar mix is vital, preparing your property is equally essential to make the process cost-effective and top-quality.

If you’re planning to apply cement render to your property, it will serve you well to consider the insights from this article. You may also ask a seasoned cement contractor about their hacks to make the most of the process. Furthermore, you can ask your friends who have recently applied mortar mix to their homes and were satisfied with the improvement.


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