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How to play Macau in the online casino

Macau is one of the card games that defined the childhood of hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions of people in India alone. Why are we saying that? Because there was no child who had not played at least once in his life a game of Macau. Interestingly, the card game has withstood time and is not only still in fashion, but is played by people of all ages because it is extremely attractive. Being interactive and not having a set of official Macau rules, it allowed the game to be adapted in any context and with any unwritten “rule” to make it even more spicy. Learn the most important https://sensers.com/ rules and learn how to play Macau in just a few minutes.

Before going through everything related to the Macau regulation, it is extremely important to state from the beginning that Macau is played individually, and not in pairs. Moreover, all 52 cards in a normal deck, plus the Black Joker and the red Joker, will be used. Half as much as the UNO game where no less than 108 playing cards are used. Macao regulation – first of all mix well, well the whole deck of cards, then the dealer or the person who shuffles them will deal each player involved in the game a fixed number of 5 Playing Cards, following that after to turn the next card in the deck and put the rest of the cards in a face down pile.

We go further and continue to explain how to play backgammon like a true professional. If you managed to occupy all 6 spaces in your house with 2 pieces per space, then your board will be considered closed. If your opponent has pieces off the board, then they won’t be able to re-enter them until one of the spaces is cleared. Basically, you will continue to play alone, until one of the spaces will be released and your opponent will manage to hit the space number with one of the dice. If that player does not want or cannot, because both variants are possible, put down any cards, then he is obliged to draw one of the face-down deck of cards that we talked about at the beginning.

According to this small set of Macau rules, the one who remains with only one card in his hand must necessarily say “Macau”, otherwise, if someone discovers that he did not say, he will have to draw 5 cards from the pile and will be even further from victory. The winner will be the one who, obviously, will remain the first without cards in his hand.

It goes without saying that every player at the table will be on the lookout and will not hesitate for a second to catch you in the off-side. If you play together with more than one man, the one who will lose the game will obviously be the one who will remain last with the playing cards in hand. We are talking about a total of no more than 4 people. If you will be 5 or 6, then the game will be stopped at the moment when the third person runs out of Cards.


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