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How to improve frizzy hair on hot and humid days

Many of us would agree that moisture and hair do not mix.

hot summer days and Wetter conditions than usual (thanks La Nina!) The battle to style our hair can be an uphill battle, even with the best “anti-frizz” products.

Also, for those with frizzy or frizzy hair, blow-drying their hair straight may exacerbate frizz.

For less arm training and more beautiful hair days, I spoke with two hair experts about how to reduce frizz on a warm, humid day.

Humidity Tells You About Your Hair

Chelcey Salinger is a Sydney-based trichologist who studies hair and scalp related issues. She says our hair is made up of her three “bonds” that form the shape of the hair and keep it strong. They are known as disulfide bonds, hydrogen bonds, and salt bonds.

The main reason hair becomes frizzy in humid weather is because the hair bonds are broken.

When it comes to humidity, it is hydrogen bonding and salt bonding that are affected. (Disulfide bonds are fairly strong and tend to break when harsh chemicals are used on hair, such as when hair is dyed or chemically straightened.)

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https://www.abc.net.au/everyday/how-to-reduce-frizzy-hair-in-humid-weather/101747922 How to improve frizzy hair on hot and humid days

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