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How do plumbers clear blocked drains?

A clogged drain at your home is truly a nasty problem. This can be the root cause of a whole lot of minor problems those can make your living conditions unbearable. In such circumstances, asking for professional help is the best course of action that you can think of as a homeowner in the city. There are many professional services in sydney capable of shouldering the responsibility on an urgent basis and bring your home back to normal living conditions by quickly identifying the cause of clogging and then clearing the clogging with their professional expertise and tools.

Some of the major reasons behind any Blocked DrainSydneyare

  • Tree roots
  • Mineral build up
  • Toiletries and other foreign objects
  • Natural debris
  • Soap and hair

For any professional plumbing and drain cleaning service, the cause of clogging actually determines the technique they will be using as well as the instruments those will come into action. Here are a few tools and also techniques used by modern drain cleaning services, techniques those were not there until a decade ago and has really made the job of clearing clogged drains much easier and less time consuming.

Drain Snakes

Drain snakes are actually augers which rotate when they are pushed through the clog – either manually or with a motor. Both manual and motorised drain snakes are used by modern drain cleaning services as per the requirement of the situation. Manual drain snakes are used for clearing simple clogging while a motorised drain snake can have a reach of around 150feet and are also capable of clearing much larger clogs.

HD cameras

In situations where drain snakes fail to clear the clogging, the high-definition snake camera comes into use. This gives the plumbers a clear look at the inside of the piping structure and knowing what is actually causing the clog helps them to determine the next course of action.

Hydro-jetting machines

This machine is another useful addition to the arsenal of a modern day plumber. These machines use concentrated water jets for flushing out years of accumulated dirt from the sewer lines. Pressure from these water jets can reach up to 35000 pounds on every square inch of area and can fully eliminate all kinds of residual dirt from inside the pipe lines.

Cable drains cleaning machines

A growing number of professional Plumber Sydneyare now using this machine which is great for clearing out tree roots and many other types of blockages from inside sewer pipe lines and drains. They also use different cutter heads on this machine and normally start with a small size cutter and then move on the bigger ones for clearing clogged drains.

Navi track

This is actually a very valuable piece of instrument and when set with a drain camera it lets the plumber know actual depth of the drain and also a good idea on the exact location of clogging.

So if you have a clogged drain in your home, you can call up your drain cleaning service anytime you want and with the array of tools they have modern technologies – you are no more required to panic or keep suffering due to it.


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