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Horses safe after a bewildering Sydney street gallop


Three horses were captured and, after escaping early in the morning, were safely returned to their paddocks, embarrassing their motorists, and galloping down Sydney’s main roads.

New South Wales Police reported that at around 5:15 am on Tuesday, between Brighton-le-Sands and Taren Point in southern Sydney, three unmanned horses were seen trotting their way through the streets, and the driver was arrested. started calling emergency services.

A New South Wales Police statement said the horse was then heading south and at one point crossed the Captain Cook Bridge, and oncoming traffic had to turn to avoid the horse.

Horse recaptured after runaway down street

The fainted driver also called Sydney’s morning radio station to report the horse’s incident.

Michael called Radio 2GB in Sydney to report his surreal pre-dawn encounter.

“I just saw the strangest thing while driving to work….three horses galloping down Princes Highway,” he said.

“I had to pinch myself. I thought it was a dream.”

Officers from the St. George Police Area Command and Traffic and Highway Patrol Command used vehicles to guide the horses safely off the bridge and out onto Woodlands Road and Alexander Road, on the production road at Taren Point. I went to an industrial park.

NSW police officers used ropes to tie the horses and send carrots to the scene until the owner was spotted and alerted.

All three horses were then collected.

New South Wales Police have confirmed they are investigating how they escaped.

https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/state/nsw/sydney/2023/02/14/horses-safe-sydney-street-gallop/ Horses safe after a bewildering Sydney street gallop

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