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Harry & Meghan Live: Duke of Sussex Compares Wife to Princess Diana in Netflix Documentary | TV

Prince Harry says Netflix documentary reminds Meghan of his mother

One of the key sections of the documentary so far, prince harry said the way Meghan was treated was very reminiscent of her mother, Princess Diana, and full of compassion and compassion. In another clip, one of the couple’s young children is shown being shown a picture of Princess Diana.

Harry said he was looking for someone who was “willing to take on” all the baggage of being involved in a relationship with a member of the royal family. Every relationship he had had felt like his new partner and that of his family’s life was “upside down” due to media intervention within weeks.

The first episode of the Harry and Meghan documentary kicks off today at 8am GMT and will explore how the two met through mutual friends on Instagram and what Harry sees as media intervention in their lives. Focus on how you grew up in 1990s Royal archives footage of his mother facing the cameraman on his ski vacation.

important event

Episode 3 has a section where the couple talks about their activism, but Meghan explains she didn’t realize the royal family’s tendency to shy away from causes that could be interpreted as controversial. There’s a clip of William, Harry, and their partner together at an event in 2018. This is an increasingly rare sight these days.

Britain’s Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry (left), fiancée Meghan and Markle Photo: Chris Jackson/AP

Meghan explains that no one really taught her how to follow the “protocol” of being royal, and she had to Google the British national anthem. , say there is an additional layer of “protocol” imposed by the press.

caroline davis

caroline davis

Our resident royal expert, Caroline Davis, was also watching this morning, and here are some of her reports on the documentary.

The series’ opening scene shows Harry preparing to leave Britain for the last time as a senior royal, filmed at Heathrow Airport in March 2020. As to why the couple made the documentary, he explains:

Meghan, meanwhile, photographed herself in Vancouver with a towel on her head and said, “Unfortunately, among us who stand for something, they are destroying us.” .

The series began with a written statement that all interviews ended in August 2022, the month before Queen Elizabeth II’s death. did.”

An image of a newspaper headline appeared on the screen. Meghan said, “First of all, I’m not from Compton, I’ve never lived in Compton, so it’s factually incorrect. But why should I delve into Compton?”

Other headlines shown in the documentary are “One’s going Gangster,” and another says Meghan’s ancestors were “tailors, teachers, and cleaners in the racially divided Jim Crow South.” there were.

Harry says:

Speaking about the press coverage, Meghan Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, said paparazzi would take pictures of underprivileged neighborhoods in Los Angeles. She said that’s where I live and that’s where she’s from,” she told the documentary.

“It was terrible,” Meghan said. “But I kept holding the line. Say nothing.”

Read more here: Prince Harry – The royal family didn’t understand the risks to Meghan of racial attacks

Here’s a clip of Harry comparing his wife’s qualities to his mother’s.

Prince Harry: ‘Meghan looks a lot like my mom’

“Working and living with normal people certainly affects you,” says Harry at one point. He talks about how his time in the army gave him a second family.William wrote him at some point and said his mother would be very proud of him. .

Harry says royals ‘may be part of the problem, not part of the solution’ over racism

In the third episode of netflix The Duke of Sussex’s Harry and Meghan documentary says about racism in the UK, “Sometimes in this family you’re part of the problem, not part of the solution.” prejudice is very high.”

Princess Michael of Kent wore jewelry that is widely considered racist Speaking at a Christmas lunch Harry and Meghan attended, Harry said: But when it is pointed out or identified in you, you need to correct it. It’s education. Consciousness. ”

In the previous section of the documentary, Harry accused the royal family of failing to protect Meghan Markle from the racist elements she received from the public and media reports. He said:

It doesn’t say anything about the direction from the palace. But what people need to understand is that as far as many families were concerned, everything she was going through, they were going through it as well. Some family members have said, “My wife had to go through that, so why should your girlfriend be treated differently?” do I have to receive why should she be protected? I said: ‘The difference here is the racial element’.

Harry also said of wearing a Nazi uniform in 2005, “It was probably one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I was so embarrassed afterwards. All I had to do was get it right.”

He then explained how, after speaking with the Chief Rabbi in London, he went to Berlin to meet Holocaust survivors.

We are now working on what could be a difficult part of Episode 3 for the palace and the royal family.they are retelling stories and reactions Princess Michael of Kent wore a Blackmoor brooch Widely known as a racist over the Queen’s Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace, which Harry and Meghan attended.

Afua Hirsch says: netflix “One of the realities of life in England is that if you go to a palace or a mansion or a place that represents tradition, you are likely to be confronted with racist imagery. There are murals on the walls, The ceiling has carvings depicting people enslaved in a way that glorifies slavery.”

“It’s kind of like the big family that I always wanted,” Meghan said of her first Christmas at Sandringham. , Harry later pointed out to her that he hadn’t properly heard the words she said because she was sitting next to his bad ear. I expressed that

I was introduced to Meghan’s niece, Ashley. Their relationship is best friends and portrayed as sisterly, but Ashley is the biological daughter of her half-sister Meghan and criticizes her.

Jim Waterson

Jim Waterson

While I was watching the documentary, media editor Jim Waterson was watching coverage elsewhere.

Many of the outlets critical of the royal couple netflix A documentary about myself is also hosting a field day covering the same documentary wall-to-wall.

Within two hours of the documentary’s release, MailOnline’s top 12 stories were all about the couple, complete with photos, GIFs and screengrabs, creating a 360-degree Meghan and Harry experience. Sun Online was only able to put his seven articles online about the couple within his first two hours.

The Mail Online homepage after the release of the Harry and Meghan documentary
The Mail Online homepage after the release of the Harry and Meghan documentary Photo: Mail Online

Articles about couples get a lot of clicks, making them a top target for sites that rely on online advertising to make money. This creates fierce competition to top his Google search results for terms like “Meghan Markle.”

The documentary was released at midnight in California where both Netflix and the couple are based, which means it was released at 8am in the UK.

Piers Morgan, who lost her job on ITV’s Good Morning Britain after refusing to apologize for her comments about Meghan, never dropped her obsession. Despite this, his team has already released a press release announcing that he will be devoting his talk TV show full time to the show.

His team has promised in the past that “his fiery opinions have led him to be aired so dramatically” that “the UK’s most outspoken broadcaster will be talking about the royal pair and their fly-on-the-wall series.” I’m sure there will be fireworks because I’m stating my uncensored thoughts.”

as we I have written Prior to the release of the documentary, British newspapers were very active participants in the events they covered.

Reports that the Sussexes are suing most British newspaper owners for various reasons may not help. Harry has filed phone hacking lawsuits against both News UK (which owns Sun and Times) and Reach (which owns Mirror, Express and Daily Star). He’s also one of several prominent figures who have filed serious allegations against his Associated Newspapers, publishers of the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, and MailOnline.

Meghan has already won another lawsuit after the Mail on Sunday published a personal letter sent to her father. , was not publicly known to have been involved in a legal battle with the couple.

Meghan now says, “My half-sister I haven’t seen in over a decade, and it’s only been a day and a half. All of a sudden, it felt like she was everywhere.”

“I don’t know your middle name or birthday. Are you telling people you raised me and called me ‘Princess Pussy’?” ”

James Holt, a former palace spokesperson, said a member of the media told him that “Harry is no longer acting,” and that Holt advised Harry to play along with “the game.” I regret

Imagine people writing horrible things about your mother, he says, and you have to act for them.

Now, Meghan’s friends are talking about the press’s intrusion into their lives and the media’s approach to the family. He said he felt he was in danger.

In a conversation with Meghan and one of her friends, Harry explains what the title of ‘Royal Correspondent’ means. Her friends are frustrated that people can declare themselves “royal experts” on her social media.

I don’t claim to be a “royal expert” myself, but over the years I’ve done more than my fair share of coverage of births, deaths, marriages and now documentaries. It turned out that

“This family is what we exploit. Their trauma is our story, our story to control,” says Harry of the tabloid.

There is archival footage of Prince Charles at the time saying he would “go nuts” if he didn’t find a system that would try to deal with the intrusion.

https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/live/2022/dec/08/harry-meghan-netflix-documentary-royal-family-media-reaction-live-updates Harry & Meghan Live: Duke of Sussex Compares Wife to Princess Diana in Netflix Documentary | TV

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