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Harbor searched for second victim in boating accident

Police continue to search Sydney harbor for a 51-year-old man who went missing after the fatal boating accident that claimed the life of prominent art dealer Tim Klinder.

Police recovered his body off the coast of Watson Bay on Thursday after it was initially reported as “floating debris”.

A second man, identified in media reports as technology entrepreneur Andrew Findlay, is also believed to have been on board.

Marines resumed their search Saturday morning, stretching more than 20 kilometers south to Solander Point near Botany Bay.

Mr. Klinder’s death has shocked the art world, and the 59-year-old was a prominent Indigenous art dealer.

Sydney gallerist Michael Reed said the news was received with “deep sadness” by the art community.

“Tim Klingender’s death was an unimaginably devastating loss to his family and indeed to the Australian art world,” he said.

Westpac Rescue Helicopters, Surf Life Savings NSW and Marine Rescue NSW joined the search for Mr Findlay on Saturday.

systematic search pattern

Salvage Captain John Murray said the situation was good.

“(The unit) resumed the search at 7:30 a.m. in light winds, moderate swells and good visibility,” he said.

A marine rescue vessel is heading west towards the Harbor Bridge, conducting offshore parallel searches from South Head to Coogee and patrolling the harbor shoreline.

“Both ships will conduct another offshore patrol in the late afternoon at the request of Sea Command,” Murray said.


https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/state/nsw/sydney/2023/07/22/harbour-body-hunt-continues/ Harbor searched for second victim in boating accident

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