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Greenwashing: Proposal to ban fossil fuel advertising in New South Wales could face backlash from Sports Code

The National Sports League and its teams could quickly be in trouble if environmental measures ban major sponsorship sources in NSW.

Green Party lawmaker Sue Higginson has flagged a bill for parliament to ban fossil fuel advertising.

“We know our time in this Congress is limited, so we’re bringing it up to the agenda,” she said Tuesday.

“We are in talks with all sides of politics and hope to get as much support as possible.”

What is the idea behind the ban?

The ban combats “greenwashing”, which claims companies have environmental credentials they don’t necessarily have, and could include blocking fossil fuel companies from sponsoring sports teams.
“It’s wrong for these companies to be able to advertise wind turbines, solar panels, or put their name on kids’ sports team uniforms,” ​​Higginson said.

She said public health concerns should motivate the ban, as climate change is “the biggest public health crisis we face.”

New South Wales state treasurer Matt Keane called the plan a “virtue signal.”
“We focus on the realities that can make a difference while growing the economy,” he said.

Higginson called the comments “incredibly negative” and “extremely reckless.”

Is there any chance it will pass the NSW Legislature?

Controversial moves can have a hard time getting through Congress, but they’re not without precedent.
“We’ve done this before, but we need to do it again,” Higginson said, citing the long-standing ban on tobacco advertising.

A NSW rugby league team had fought all season for the trophy of the same name as Tobacco, while another manufacturer was a long-term sponsor of Cricket Australia’s predecessor.

The NRL and its chairman, Peter V’landys, have recently proven adept at extracting money from the NSW government, threatening to move the final interstate highway.
The Wallabies, backed by gas giant Santos, do not give rival rugby chords an advantage.

The AFL considers its major partnerships with Shell as an official partner, Super Netball League with Origin Energy and Cricket Australia with Alinta Energy “one of the most visible sponsorships in Australian sport”.

Considered one of the most valuable outdoor advertising markets in the country, Sydney City Council recently passed a motion to ban fossil fuel advertising.
The Sydney Cricket Ground and the recently rebuilt Sydney Football Stadium are within its boundaries, but are owned by a NSW government agency that has not yet banned advertising.

Higginson’s concerns about the “greenwashing” of fossil fuel companies arose after Delia Ricardo, deputy chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), highlighted the practice.

“As consumers and businesses turn to sustainability to inform their purchasing decisions, businesses are increasingly touting the ‘sustainability benefits’ to market their goods and services. ‘, she said at a summit in Sydney on Tuesday.
She said terms such as “environmentally friendly,” “environmentally friendly,” and “sustainable” have limited value and can mislead consumers.
“Unfortunately, the ACCC has heard growing concerns that some companies are mis-promoting the environment and their eco-friendly certificates to take advantage of changing consumer preferences. We are doing it,” said Rickard.

If consumers are misled or deceived, the ACCC will not hesitate to take enforcement action, she added.

https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/why-a-proposal-to-ban-fossil-fuel-advertising-in-nsw-could-face-pushback-from-sporting-codes/1yvv3zr0a Greenwashing: Proposal to ban fossil fuel advertising in New South Wales could face backlash from Sports Code

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