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Greens balance power as experts predict tight outcome in NSW elections

The Green Party has said it will not support a coalition government after this month’s elections in New South Wales if the party maintains a balance of power.

With election day just two weeks away, scores of independents and Green Party candidates are gearing up for the Hanging Parliament on Macquarie Street.

At the start of Saturday’s campaign, the NSW Greens outlined a list of seven priorities for the next parliament, including a ban on groundless evictions, action to tackle climate change and gambling reform.

Senator Kate Furman said the March 25 poll was a “powerful opportunity” to make a difference in the state.

More than half of the party’s House of Councilors constituency candidates are women, and all “winnable” House of Representatives seat candidates are women.

Senator Furman said: “This election presents a powerful opportunity to make a difference to the people of New South Wales and to their previous environment, because the Greens have a real chance of balancing power in both houses of Congress. ‘ said.

Cate Faehrmann says the Greens are likely to argue for a balance of power.(ABC News: Lani Heyman)

Cashless gaming has become the touchstone of the campaign, with the government pledging to introduce legislation and the Labor Party flagging trials in some pubs and clubs.

Fehrmann said that even if the Greens were in power after the election, they would not settle for “half-baked measures” such as “trials set to fail”.

She commented on the rise of a ‘teal’ independent class in Australian politics, with voters not knowing ‘where they would land’ in the event of a hung parliament.

“Voters know where the Greens stand on issues that matter to them.

Labor has “a lot of work to do” to convince the Greens that they are “worth supporting”, she said.

Group of men and women smiling and hugging
NSW’s Greens unveiled campaign priorities, including climate action and the Cashless Gaming Act, at a launch event in Sydney.(ABC News: Lani Heyman)

Rep. Jenny Leung of Newtown is one of three members of Congress who were in the last Congress.

Balmain MP Jamie Parker has retired and the party has backed Inner West Rep. Kobi Shetty to run for an inner-city seat.

The Green Party currently has three members in the Senate.

Leon said the election was an opportunity to change New South Wales’s “toxic political culture”.

She said recent elections have shown that sharing power is essential to forming a government.

“The days of insisting on absolute mandate by one of the old political parties are completely over,” she said.

Mr Leong said the party “does not support the Perrottet liberal national government”.

“But with our support for the Mins Labor government comes the hope that we will see real action for the changes that our communities and those on the streets are calling for,” she said. Told.

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We have discussed the 2023 NSW elections.(Ashley Raper)

Key points in the Greens campaign include banning new coal and gas projects, reforming tenancy laws, and initiating and repealing the Treaty and Truth process for NSW First Nations peoples. Controversial Anti-Protest Law.

The party will also push for cashless games, the introduction of nurse-patient ratios, a ban on logging in public primeval forests, and the abolition of wage caps in the public sector.

Labor has also pledged to remove public sector wage caps and introduce nursing rates.

Both major political parties have pledged to ban evictions without cause. This is an issue that is under increasing scrutiny amid the state’s housing and rental crisis.

Prime Minister Dominique Perrotet and opposition leader Chris Mins announced net-zero targets on energy policy.

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NSW 02 — Who are Dominic Perrottet and Chris Minns?

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https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-03-11/greens-seek-balance-of-power-after-nsw-election/102084236 Greens balance power as experts predict tight outcome in NSW elections

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