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Geological Search: Know Your Neighborhood

How to use hierarchical search

1. Run a search

Enter the tier plan number or registration address for the tier system. Hierarchical search Displays basic details about hierarchy properties such as:

  • Municipal area
  • lot number
  • When a hierarchy system is registered
  • Whether the strata scheme meets its criteria annual report Requirement – ​​The first annual report must be submitted to the NSW Government by 31st December 2022. If the scheme has not completed reporting, it will be labeled “Strata scheme not yet reported”.

An image of the Strata Search feature using an address or strata plan number showing the warning message 'No strata schemes reported yet'.

2. Understand maps

[地図を表示]Select to see the neighborhood around the building and other places of interest.

The satellite map view shows:

  • Boundary of searched stratum (area surrounded by light blue)
  • Geological features of the region (dark blue shading)
  • Properties other than stratum (yellow frame)
  • suburban border
  • Local Administrative Areas (LGAs) simply zoom out to show the LGA view.

To explore other areas, zoom out and drag the map to points of interest.

https://www.nsw.gov.au/strata-search-get-to-know-neighbourhood Geological Search: Know Your Neighborhood

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