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A controversial children’s sex education book has climbed to the top of Amazon’s online sales charts after two major retailers removed the book from their shelves.

“Welcome to Sex,” by former Dolly Magazine “Dolly Doctor” Dr. Melissa Kang and ABC presenter Uni Stein, drew criticism, with parents calling for a boycott of the book as it was too graphic.

Within the 304 pages of this book are illustrations of sexual positions and activities, including handjobs and both oral and anal sex.

The book is still on sale at Dymox, but Big W and Target removed it from store shelves this week.

In a statement, Big W said it would limit sales on its website to protect its staff from abuse from angry customers.

“While we recognize that opinions about this book vary, it is disappointing that there have been multiple incidents of abuse against store team members,” the statement said.

On Thursday, Amazon listed the book at number one on its site, but it was out of stock.

Steins defended the book on Instagram, saying, “If you don’t want your kids to read it, you really don’t need to buy it.”

She alluded to the mistreatment of retail staff working at the store that carries the book.

“People are mad because you’re ruining your ability to prey on children,” added one commenter. “I can’t wait to give this book to my children. Education is key to understanding relationship direction, consent, safety, and informed choices.”

“Knowledge is power. Thank you for your precious book,” wrote another.

“This outrage is bizarre considering that children start being exposed to porn when they turn 11. Shouldn’t we give them as much information as possible about sex, consent, autonomy, etc.??” A third woman was also posted as an advocate.

https://www.perthnow.com.au/entertainment/books/yumi-stynes-defends-kids-book-welcome-to-sex-after-big-w-target-ban-while-sales-skyrocket-online-c-11337849 Gensex Book | Persnau

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