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Gaza City invasion imminent; Hezbollah fires from Lebanon

Here’s a wrap of the latest from the news wires:

  • People are struggling to flee from northern Gaza while also grappling with a growing water crisis after Israel stopped the flow of resources to the Gaza Strip.
  • The military said on Sunday that it would not target a specific route south for several hours, again urging Palestinians to leave the north en masse. The military offered two corridors and a longer window the day before. It says hundreds of thousands have already fled south.
  • No decision on a ground offensive has been announced, although Israel has been massing troops along the Gaza border.
  • The war has claimed more than 3600 lives since Hamas launched an incursion on October 7.
  • Gaza’s hospitals are expected to run out of fuel for emergency generations within two days, according to the UN, which said that that would endanger the lives of thousands of patients.

Palestinian citizens inspect damage to their homes caused by Israeli airstrikes.Credit: Getty

US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said on Sunday that he would work with Senate Republicans in the coming weeks to assemble a “generous” package of wartime aid for Israel.

“America will stand with its ally Israel,” he said at a news conference in Israel that capped a visit by a bipartisan group of senators.

A rocket hit the headquarters of the UN peacekeeping mission in southern Lebanon in the coastal town of Naqoura as clashes between the militant Hezbollah group and its allies and the Israeli military escalated on Sunday.

The UN mission said no one was hurt even though the peacekeepers were not in shelters. It did not specify where the rocket came from but expressed disappointment saying that despite the mission’s efforts to get the sides “to de-escalate the situation,” the violence continues.

The regional head of the World Health Organisation told The Associated Press on Sunday that evacuating hospitals from the northern part of the Gaza Strip is “impossible” and said Israel’s demand for the evacuation of medical facilities there goes against international law.

Ahmed Al-Mandhari said 22 hospitals with 2000 patients in northern Gaza managed to move “mobile patients” to the south over the past two days but most of the patients can’t be evacuated.

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