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Gambling reform needs to go beyond cashless cards

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In over 40 years of working as a general practitioner, my income has never been tied to my leisure requirements. But it provided me with money to cover practice costs and a proper lifestyle for my family and myself. It allowed me to hire clinical staff, pay for housework and childcare, and give myself the time I needed to attend to my patients’ needs. As rebates dwindled, I was forced to seek out a company to take over my practice, related to differences in individual practice styles. is gone. The GP could not afford to adopt home and child care requirements for his expected full-time GP hours in excess of 40 hours a week without paid leave and other regular worker rights. Catriona Harbourne, Blackheath

Having been a GP for over 30 years, I can say that GP funding has never been a priority since the start of Medicare. If so, the current Medicare rebate for Level B visits would be more than double his current value. I would like to know that, according to Stephen Duckett’s academic evidence, “Increasing physician compensation … often … reduces working hours.” Since the concept of increased rebates is a hypothetical construct, this must certainly be academic evidence. Medicare rebates have consistently failed to keep up with CPI, so there is no real data to support Duckett’s claims. GPs work hard for their money and it gets harder every year. We are tired of the rude talk of greedy doctors. Peter Brennan, Mona Vale

Metro has no room to grow

There is no doubt that the Metro will make a significant contribution to Sydney’s transport network (“Massive metro to serve Sydney and surprise, January 9), but in a way it’s a disappointment. In the 1960s, Australian innovation completed his world’s first double-decker train in Sydney. Unfortunately for Metro, the Union government has settled on his standard off-the-shelf single-story design, leaving future generations to benefit from his double-story subway as Sydney’s population grows. chose to build a new tunnel that was a little too small. The design concept of four standing passengers per square meter now seems a bit inconsistent with public health expectations. Doug Walker, Boucham Hills

The northern beaches are the only area in Sydney with neglected high-speed rail, road and bus connections, and residents will have to contend with the Spit and Roseville Bridges to get in and out of the area in the near future. It seems. Another ironic political decision we can all see is clear. Judy Hungerford, North Carl Carl

Sydney’s Metro lights up at the end of the tunnel, but the Spit is still as far away as a bridge. Alan Gibson, Cherrybrook

housing fixed inflation

Like Dominic Perrottet’s shared stock scheme, Chris Minns’ solution (“Labor to abolish first house stamp duty, 9 Jan) The problem of housing affordability, i.e. eliminating stamp duty for first-time homebuyers, will not solve the main problem of homes being too expensive for the average buyer. . Homes remain attractive to investors, but owners and occupiers continue to have to compete, and prices continue to rise. Until the federal government bites the bullet and reforms capital gains and negative gearing, our state governments can only offer ineffective remedies. Peter Nash, Fairlight

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Announcing plans to cut stamp duty will boost political capital ahead of elections. But given the increasing purchasing power of buyers, real estate prices could simply rise. Government revenues have fallen, but vendor prices have risen, so is this extorting payments from Peter to Paul? John Kempler, Rose Bay

Minns may have finally come up with the winner of the poll. Repeal of the stamp tax would be less costly and less likely to impact home prices than Perrottet’s lifetime land tax scheme. The Prime Minister’s plans are messy and confusing, and the long-term financial outcomes of the participants are uncertain. Abolishing the stamp duty has immediate benefits and no hidden agenda. Minns must now embark on cashless game cards. Graham Lamb, North Rocks

diversity dividend

As the population ages, migration will continue to affect economic progress (“Migrants like grandparents hold the key to Australia’s future”, 9 January).
New immigrants not only bring skills (and taxpayer income), but importantly, the social diversity and vibrancy that makes multicultural Australia work. Author James Baldwin said that diversity allows us to make the most of all our differences to benefit as many people as possible. Chatswood, Steve Nyou

Seek Super Aid Immediately

Articles about pensions (“Where do your supers go when you die?it’s not easy, 9 January) shows that this area is indeed a complex and sometimes minefield. I have taught estate planning for many years and I can attest to confusion. The need for specification is overcome. While this can give you peace of mind, it also means that if circumstances change, the nomination will remain until canceled and the beneficiary will receive a super with built-in life insurance benefits that may not have been intended. The bottom line is to get professional help before it’s too late. Michael Brissenden, University of New England, Parramatta Campus

Right to mislead on Voice

People (including Peter Dutton) who did not attend Kevin Rudd’s apology to the Aborigines (letter, 9 January) twisted the question, “Should we give Aboriginal people a voice in parliament?” , using John Howard’s trick in the 1999 referendum to the question “Do you want Australia to become a republic?” It was changed by adding “Who will be president then?” We only want to give Aboriginal people the opportunity to advise the government in making laws for them, not to give them a seat or be part of the government. Don’t be fooled by right-wing thinkers.Selwyn Suchet, St Ives Chase

Former Prime Minister Kevin Ruddcredit:AAP

The voice I want the Australian Parliament to hear is how best to care for the land we all live on, the air we breathe and the water we all need. Indigenous peoples are undoubtedly experts in these matters. Penelope Leighton Caseley, Marrickville

i’m not angryAchieved

Far from invisible and angry (“Beware of the invisible angry elderly woman.can’t see us coming, Jan. 9), and since I turned 50, I have never felt more “watched.” My relationships are defined by who I am, not by what I look like. And rather than being angry, I’m pretty happy with how things are shaping up for my second half of the century. Janet Argal, Dulwich Hill


Emperor’s Spare (letter, January 9) without clothes. who is going to tell him not Megan. And certainly not the hired flatterers bouncing around him. Alicia Dawson, Balmain

prince harry

prince harrycredit:APs

Yes, Harry has endured trauma. As his interest wanes, he must seek out more platforms to drain his spleen. Pam Timms, Suffolk Park

Sussex is what we add to the end of words to form derivatives, so it should be renamed to “suffix”. George Zivkovich, Northmead

… or less

Professor Patrick McGorry (“Mental health needs lost in entertainment, 9 Jan.) gives a candid account of the mental health crisis. When will we realize that economic inequality has a cost? Greg Baker, Fitzroy Falls

According to your correspondent (letter, January 9), money doesn’t make people happy. But poverty brings many social evils. A wise man once said he wanted to be poor or rich, but he knew which he preferred. John Christie, Autry

digital view
Online comments from one of the stories that garnered the most reader feedback yesterday smh.com.au
New South Wales Department of Labor abolishes stamp duty for first home buyers
from Centrist: ″⁣This is a lazy policy that seeks to attract younger voters while maintaining high property values ​​for existing owners. This policy does not address housing affordability as it causes inflation. No. Housing will only become more affordable if the average wage multiple becomes lower.”⁣

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