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FWO 调蟥连锁饶店 Sharetea Missing firewood late weak worker reimbursement nearly 90,000 workers | SBS Chinese

Based on the new article published by the Fair Work Ombudsman on June 8, after the expansion of 14 branch stores of Sharetea, the fair work adjustment survey was conducted by 36 staff members. Missing firewood.
In April 2022, after the fair labor department reached the labor vacancy, Sharetea special approval of the labor force, the labor force acquisition information, these stores acquired a large number of weak laborers, e.g. A man with a license to speak normally.
The trader will visit Seattle, Sumimoto, Nurihama, and the intolerable infectious shopkeeper, accountant, and shopkeeper, respectively, to inspect traffic controls and factories in the stores.
The audit firm reports on the status of each store’s compliance with the Fair Business Act, the 2010 High Speed ​​Traffic Regulations and the 2020 High Speed ​​Traffic Regulations.

According to the survey, out of 14 approved stores, only 5 are fulfilling all products.

For the other 9 stores, the act of jointly issuing 4 conformity notices (compliance notices) has been carried out for the 29 factory to follow up the 88893 yuan deficit. 9 Notice of Infringement (Notice of Infringement) and Total Approval of 17428 units of currency.
One of them does not require fair operation, and voluntarily acquires 1060 yuan of firewood with 7 craftsmen.
As an impartiality coordinator (Sandra Parker) has shown, the coordinating results are a warning to many types of specialized mail-order businesses to comply with industry laws.
BUNDLE: “Strengthening high-speed rail, rail lines, and rail line combinations is the primary task of ensuring that these operating traffic segments are given particular priority and are managed fairly in view of the many weak and weak processes. is.”
The Equitable Administration wants all services to be performed commercially. We also provide free and easy-to-use tools and resources to support fair and legal trading and operations.
The main problem found is that it is a public company and does not support the minimum process, including the entry-level process weekend add-on fees and combined add-on fees.

It also revealed that the creation or preservation of the Sharetea store was not sufficiently certified, and that the legal provisions related to the construction method were revoked.

Absolutely 32-person factory has 87,176 units, and the unbearable 4-person factory has 2,776 units.
This participant received an access notification while creating or holding a call authorization and did not receive any specials or high speed traffic.
It has not been revealed that Sharetea Australia Pty Ltd has any plans and the company is taking steps to provide cultures and nuclei to that particular vendor.
In this adjustment, non-conforming participants are warned that they will be rerun in the future due to the potential to trigger higher levels of performance.
If there is a relevant industry or interest issue, principals and owners may seek assistance by visiting the website www.fairwork.gov.au or Electric Indemnity Heat Wire 13 13 94. Ask for suggestions and assistance. 13 14 50 may also be required if oral service is required.
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https://www.sbs.com.au/language/chinese/zh-hans/article/nearly-90000-recovered-for-sharetea-workers-by-fair-work-ombudsman/l5qj5177o FWO 调蟥连锁饶店 Sharetea Missing firewood late weak worker reimbursement nearly 90,000 workers | SBS Chinese

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