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From Canopies to Cabinets: How to Properly Store Your Tools

Some people’s garages look like a bomb dropped inside, and everything’s scattered around. If you want to do something about your garage, you need to know how to do it. One of the essential things that must be done to make it look spotless is to take care of your tools.

Every man’s garage has tons of different tools, items, and machines that are useful for different areas in their lives, from fixing the car’s flat tire to taking care of the yard. Every different tool has its purpose, and you may need it at some point in life. You can’t go to the store when the need appears; you must have them with you at all times.

With so many gadgets around, you must find a perfect way to organize them. In this article, we’re sharing a couple of items that will help you store tools properly. Read on and see what you must get to have your home and garage arranged perfectly.

Create a custom cabinet for the bigger items

You know that your drill machine or the lawnmower are supposed to be placed somewhere. You can’t just toss them on the side, as the dust will be enough to cause their lifespan to be shorter than it is supposed to be.

Instead, you want a wall dedicated to a professionally built cabinet. Ask a contractor to create one based on your needs. See what kinds of tools you have and how much space you need. Create specific compartments for every item, and be sure to return them in place after they are being used.

Always have a custom removable toolbox

When you go on the road, you can’t leave home without a toolbox with the tools that might save your life on the road. How will you change a tire or get through the night with the essential tools from your garage? This is why you need a toolbox.

Make sure you get yourself a canopy toolbox that will both protect your tools and you while working. The canopy toolboxes are different from the ordinary ones because they offer more protection, and you can use them for various other needs.

If you’re frequently traveling, the best one to get is the 1000mm canopy toolbox that will provide a lightweight transportation device for your tools and will be small enough to have all the things gathered inside.

Build walls for hanging commonly used items

There’s no better way to store frequently used tools than hanging them on the wall. However, you need a specific kind of wall for this. Most people use wooden or cork walls with holes inside so you can place hangers. You probably noticed how all tools have holes in the handles, so you can place them accordingly.

When you do this and have a special place for all the tools in your garage, you’ll always know where everything’s located. When you need the pliers, you’ll know where they are. When you need the hammer, you’ll know where it is. It’s crucial to get them back in their places when you’re done, so you can have an easy time finding them the next time you need something.

Opt for a mobile workbench if you’re using one

If you think a workbench is a smart way to do the job in the garage, then it’s better to get one that will be mobile. You’ll want to have it in front of the garage for some more complicated tasks and keep it steady inside when you want to work there.

Additionally, choose one with enough drawers and compartments for the right tools being used while working on it. Some things are needed constantly, and you can’t walk to the wall or the cabinet every time you need something.

Keep nails and screws in clear plastic or glass containers

How many times have you had to go through the tools trying to find the right screws? You spend more time searching than actually working. If you want to prevent this, it’s best to get yourself plastic or glass see-through containers that will make everything you own easily visible.

Place them on an aisle and easily see what you need in a given moment. Sometimes you’ll need one type, and sometimes you’ll need another, but you won’t spend hours searching for them as they are spotted immediately because of the see-through container.


These are some of the essentials you need to know and get yourself if you want to have the tools in your garage stored perfectly. Everyone wants to see their place spotless and have their tools last as long as possible. If you’re thinking the same, then you definitely need to use some of these pieces of advice and turn your garage into a magazine-looking place.

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