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Former Prime Ministers Tony Abbott, John Howard and Catherine Deeves address Congress on Forum on Republic

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott says Australians should not be “morally bullied” to support the republic movement, anti-corruption watchdogs or Indigenous voices to parliament.courtney

Former British politician Nigel Farage has urged conservative Australians to get “better and stronger” political leaders and be part of “turbulent” political change around the world.

The former leaders of the British Independent Party and Brexit Party were greeted by cheers and riots at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Sydney on Saturday.

Farage was indicted as one of the key speakers, along with former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

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In his whirlwind speech, he warned Australians against replacing the “magic” of a constitutional monarchy with a “boring republic”.

“I’ve seen the values ​​that the Queen stands for being debated again. Christianity being debated again,” Farage said.

“What Australians are telling me this week is they want Australia back.”

Boos erupted from the crowd after Farage briefly mentioned former liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

He also boasted that the “removal” of former British Prime Minister Theresa May was one of his “proud achievements.”

Nigel Farage at CPAC in Sydney.
Nigel Farage at CPAC in Sydney.

A video of Mr. Farage interacting with protesters was played briefly, and activists chanted, “Bigotry is not welcome here.”

Mr. Farage can be heard saying he needs help before leaving the conversation.

Farage ended his speech by saying that “massive and turbulent” political changes were taking place around the world.

“You decide to be an infantryman in this movement. Use the power of communication,” he told the crowd.

“When it comes to the next election, vote for those who take a moral stand. Get better, stronger people to represent you.”

Abbott previously told the audience that Australians should not be “morally bullied” into supporting the Republican movement, anti-corruption watchdogs and Indigenous voices in parliament.

In his keynote speech, the former Liberal Party leader argued that just because he supported neither, it doesn’t make him “non-Australian” or “anti-Aboriginal.”

“Conservatives should never be afraid to say no, even if there are sometimes real cases where change for the worse is good,” said the former Liberal Party leader.

“We must never allow ourselves to be morally bullied to change what works.”

After experiencing his accomplishments as prime minister, he later told the crowd that conservatives were “in a better position” to “bring back inspiration and hope to our public life.”

Tony Abbott speaks at the CPAC conference in Sydney.
Tony Abbott speaks at the CPAC conference in Sydney.

Abbott, who received a standing ovation from the crowd, admitted at a subsequent panel with former LNP Senator Amanda Stoker that he was “obviously not quite aligned with the modern world.”

“I don’t like climate cults. I don’t like viral hysteria. I hate hate,” he said.

“But these things are now almost common knowledge.”

Abbott, who was kicked out as a member of Waringa by independent Zari Steggall in 2019, said it was a “disappointment” that there weren’t more people in the crowd.

Catherine Deeves, who tried to regain her seat in May but failed, also made a surprise appearance at the meeting.

Mr. Debes failed to win back voters in the May election.Photo: Jeremy Piper
Mr. Debes failed to win back voters in the May election.Photo: Jeremy Piper

The former candidate Scott Morrison handpicked to run has sparked controversy during his campaign against transgender women participating in women’s sports.

She said on the forum that she was “silent” and likened her experience to being “burned at the stake.”

Devis later called gender-affirming medical procedures “experimental” and accused journalists of refusing to cover “the biggest medical scandal of our time.”

Former Prime Minister John Howard said in a prerecorded message that conservative values ​​were “under attack”.

“We must constantly summon the energy and intelligence to discuss the reasons for defending conservative values.”


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https://www.theaustralian.com.au/breaking-news/tony-abbott-says-moral-bullies-cant-force-australians-to-support-republic-voice/news-story/eeb91d31c974dba2ee80af6dce793479 Former Prime Ministers Tony Abbott, John Howard and Catherine Deeves address Congress on Forum on Republic

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