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Former lawmaker of Shinzo Abe condemns child abduction

Shibayama described the situation as “puzzling” for Japan, and said the mood within the Liberal Democratic Party had shifted toward reforming a system that would allow one parent to have complete control over their child’s future. It is often given to the last parent who was with the child, creating a competition to kidnap the child first.

Shibayama said he was “extremely sorry” for what the government did to his family.

“We are receiving very serious requests from parents, grandma and grandpa who have lost children and grandchildren.

“Recently, more and more people are getting divorced, and the number of such unhappy children is increasing rapidly. increase.”

Mizuho Umemura, a member of the Japanese House of Councilors, said it was time for pressure from the international community.

Rep. Mizuho Umemura of the Japan Restoration Party. credit:Jack Donohoe

“We can’t change the law alone. We need international support,” said a Diet member of the Japan Restoration Party. “The victims of this are children.”

Umemura and Shibayama urged Foreign Minister Penny Wong and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to raise the issue publicly in Japan.

“this is cast a shadow over one another’s good relations Australia is an important country for Japan,” Umemura said. “It’s unfortunate that our good relationship is in such trouble at a time when geopolitics are so important.”

Umemura accused the LDP of running away from the issue.


“They push it down the road and push it down to the next person,” she said.

“The Japanese government did this to them. I want to apologize to my parents. Many people have committed suicide because they can’t see their children.”

The Australian government urged the Japanese government to submit to an ongoing review of the system and change the law. Foreign Minister Penny Wong approved the submission but was reluctant to publicly criticize the Japanese government. .

In a statement, she said the Australian government encouraged Japan to find solutions that would keep children alive. Meaningful relationships with parents.

“I understand the pain and suffering these families are feeling is immeasurable,” she said.

“We welcome Japan’s consideration of a range of family law reforms. Australia has submitted to Japan’s Ministry of Justice Family Law Review in support of an approach that enables shared parenting.” .”

A spokesman for the Japanese Embassy in Australia defended the system.

“The Japanese government is fulfilling its international obligations by prioritizing the best interests of the child when dealing with child custody issues,” a spokesperson said.

https://www.smh.com.au/world/asia/japanese-mps-condemn-child-abductions-call-on-australia-to-pressure-tokyo-20230316-p5csss.html?ref=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_source=rss_world Former lawmaker of Shinzo Abe condemns child abduction

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