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Former cricket star Stuart McGill released from charges of intimidating and threatening a Sydney bar owner

Former cricket star Stuart McGill has been released from public threats and offensive language over an incident at The Rocks in Sydney in 2022.

The accuser, Argyle Bar owner Samantha Ford, claimed she yelled at her and threatened her while she was out drinking with her ex-partner.

She presented evidence along with other witnesses at a multi-day hearing in January this year.

Today, Judge Christine Haskett found that Ford’s evidence does not match CCTV evidence or that of other witnesses in the area.

Mr. McGill was out drinking with his friend Stephen Carlin on February 1, 2022, when he ran into Mr. Ford across the road at The Rocks and an altercation ensued.

The plaintiff said in court that the former Test cricketer yelled at her repeatedly, yelling “fuck”.

The two then entered the nearby Captain Cook Hotel on Kent Street.

Ms Ford claimed the former cricketer screamed and threatened her while she was drinking with her ex-partner.()

Ford said she followed the men into the store and told the venue manager not to serve any more alcohol.

She claimed McGill continued to block her at the door, swear and threaten her.

However, Magistrate Haskett found eyewitness accounts in the streets and in bars that contradicted his version of the event.

“Much of Mr. Ford’s evidence is completely contradicted by surveillance footage and evidence from various witnesses,” she said.

“I am not satisfied that her evidence is true and can be trusted beyond reasonable doubt.”

A magistrate decided to drop all charges against him.

McGill, who appeared in a video link, broke down in tears when the results were announced.

His attorney, Stephen Merkael, told media outside the court that the prosecution’s case “was based on false evidence and should never have been brought to court.”

Mr. Ford sat in the back of the courtroom during the sentencing.

She declined to comment upon departure.

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-06-02/ex-cricketer-stuart-macgill-cleared-intimidation-of-bar-owner/102428388 Former cricket star Stuart McGill released from charges of intimidating and threatening a Sydney bar owner

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