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Floods in New South Wales: Condovorin, Uvalong to Forbes, Ugoura to clean up

A slow-moving but spectacular tidal current flowing through the heart of the state peaked at a height of 7.8 meters in the town of Kondvorin this week, before moving further west, killing victims of the disaster. Face large-scale cleaning tasks.

Townsfolk, including Forbes and Eugowra, will take some comfort as the rain is expected to stop for a few days. Full extent of damage to their home or business.

Some families face the potential to be homeless over Christmas, with cleanups expected to take months after a wall of water flooded a central western town.

Ken Murphy, SES case manager for the Lachlan Valley, said that as so much water moved west along the Lachlan River through the condovorin, SES volunteers surveyed Forbes’ homes to find them contaminated with fuel and sewage. He said that he was hosing out the mud that had accumulated.

“Forbes’ initial estimate is that about 700 residential and commercial properties have been damaged,” he said.

their attention is directed Place sandbags to strengthen the chondvorin Ahead of Wednesday’s expected 7.8-meter peak, it supports a small village called Euabalong just to the west whose residents have been cut off by floodwaters and can only be rescued by helicopter.

“We have offered many residents to voluntarily evacuate,” Murphy said.

The emphasis was on delivering medicines to those stranded in the floods and flying helicopters to deliver food to farmers to provide food for families, but cattle and wildlife had higher status. I also worked to help get into the

“Most kangaroos have been rescued by boat and are fairly subdued…for the most part they are happy to be rescued and taken to higher ground and safety,” he said.

In Urbaron on Sunday, emergency services organized a helicopter to move an estimated 2,000 sheep to higher ground in cages attached to the aircraft by long ropes.

Locals worked together to build a levy to protect the town, but everyone had to evacuate.

Farmer David Gleason was drinking beer in the pub after working all day collecting taxes.

“Everyone finished. It was one of my buddies. When he got home, he saw the water and called me,” he said.

“He went and found where the water was coming in. It was too big to fix. We started evacuating everyone.”

The whole town left their homes and gathered on the heights of the town cemetery, while others worked through the night to build a second levy.

“We spent the night building a new tax collection bank and managed to hold it up until dawn,” Gleason said.

Meanwhile, Essential Energy has told Kondvorin residents to turn off the lights and prepare for power outages over the next few days.

“Depending on the severity of the flooding, parts of Kondvorin and surrounding areas could experience power outages for hours or days,” said a spokeswoman.

Kondvorin local Brayden Davis, who was filming the extent of the damage with a drone last week, said everyone in the area was simply exhausted after battling floods for most of the year. .

“I think everyone is worried. I’m a little unsure as to what will happen,” he said.

“We were in a terrible situation. It has not been this bad in years. For many locals we think it is over, but then something else happens again.

Locals hope a 3km temporary wall made of sandbags will stave off the worst of the town’s CBD, but some homes are already flooded.

Davis said decontamination work on these and other homes in the surrounding area of ​​town could take much of next year.

“There will be homeless families at Christmas time,” he said.

Residents are now gearing up for mosquito swarms, but farmers will have to face damage to crops and fences after years of drought, Covid and a rat plague that has wreaked havoc on local farmers. must.

In some good news, members of the Wellington Football Club managed to salvage a disused shipping container they used to store their sports kit that was washed ashore in the recent floods.

Dean Narramore, the weather service’s on-duty forecaster, said weather in midwestern New South Wales was windy but thankfully mostly dry for much of the week.

“It should be a dry week on the west side of the range. This is the first time in a long time,” he said.

“If you look at the next seven days, there will be very little precipitation, possibly 5mm to 10mm. Even if it rains, it will be less.”


forbes torn in this recent flood event.

Flooding Wyangala Dam has devastated communities along the Lachlan River. After spilling at a rate of 230 gigaliters per dayAfter a few days, I finally hit 80 gigaliters a day.

All week, the river threatened to exceed the town’s 1952 flood record of 10.79m, finally breaking the record last Tuesday.

The dramatic rescue included Chopper’s crew pulling a family and two dogs from a table outside the flooded Forbes home to safety.

In town, 14 people and three dogs were rescued from the submerged The Planesmans Motel, and two hours later a helicopter flew a family of three, including an 84- and 78-year-old couple and their daughter. and rolled up the two little dogs that were there. their Forbes home.


last Friday, Angry Yugoura residents face off against New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrotet About the state’s emergency response to flood disasters.

More than a fifth of Yugoura’s population was evacuated, and massive floods swept homes off their foundations and overturned cars across town.

Residents are reportedly using social media to count the population of 700, and in just one night, emergency services carried out 150 flood rescues in Yugoura. 100 of them were rescued on the roof.

New South Wales SES Commissioner Carlene York said emergency workers responded to “a huge number of calls for help” in Yugoura where the river rose “much faster” than expected.

“It was incredibly serious and important,” she said.

“By 8am Monday morning, the river had doubled in height, peaking at 9.75m, and an emergency alert was issued at 6:14am.”

There was tragic news late Saturday after the body believed to be missing 85-year-old Ljubisa “Les” Vugec was found near suburban Casuarina Dr. Smith, 60, was found by police earlier in the week.

Cowra breakout

Cowra recorded 121 mm in one week. This is the heaviest rainfall in his 118 years.

The town was swept away by a combination of heavy rains and flooding into the Wyangara Dam.

A few days later, locals witnessed the floods subsiding just 16 hours after the town was put on lockdown.


A major cleanup is still underway in the small town of Morong, where a devastating flash flood partially submerged the CBD.

People returned to town last Tuesday to assess the damage to shops and businesses after “the worst flooding in recent times” stranded thousands of residents.

“It’s definitely bigger than the 2005 flood,” said MP Philippe Donato, an Orange State shooting, fisherman and farmer, of the flood after witnessing Moron’s devastation firsthand.

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