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Fifth man charged in Mahmoud Ahmad shooting

A man is set to appear in court on suspicion of being involved in the execution-style murder of a figure in the Sydney underworld.

Mahmoud Ahmad died in April 2022 from bullet droplets fired from several cars while standing outside a friend’s house.

Police say a man arrested during a raid on Monday helped dispose of a vehicle involved in the Greenacres attack in Sydney’s southwest.

Four other men have already been charged in Ahmad’s death during a spate of murders by Sydney gangsters.

“Today is yet another promise to the people of New South Wales that state police will not rest until all these murders are solved,” said Superintendent Superintendent Jason Weinstein.

“Today’s indictments demonstrate the links between organized crime, the large drug supply, and the murders that can result from such activities.”

A Clemton Park man, 33, was arrested Monday during a raid on four homes in the city’s southwest.

Among the 16 criminal charges, he is accused of post-mortem involvement in Ahmad’s murder and of knowingly directing the activities of a criminal group.

“These murders, especially in an organized crime environment, are a very complex problem.

The man also faces charges related to supplying commercial narcotics, as well as another crime involving recruiting homicide police, which he says has nothing to do with the gangland murder investigation.

A 33-year-old man from Campsie Park was also arrested on Monday and charged with charges including supplying commercial drugs and soliciting murder.

The pair were allegedly involved in supplying $3 million worth of methylamphetamine and cocaine at street prices.

They are scheduled to face Bankstown District Court on Tuesday.

The indictment was charged against eight other organized crime killings that took place around the same time Ahmad was shot last year.

“We are getting closer. We are getting closer and closer to the individual who actually opened fire on Mr. Ahmad,” said Chief Detective Superintendent Weinstein.

“We are still investigating and will not stop until the person who committed the actual murder is taken into custody.”

An investigation into Ahmad’s murder also uncovered plans to kill someone else in an unrelated incident, detectives said.

“We basically stopped that murder from happening.”

Gang warfare in the city has largely died down over the past few years, he said.

“We do not believe we are currently in a situation of escalation.In the two years before Mahmoud Ahmad died, there were 17 organized crime murders.

“This year alone, there has been one murder committed by organized crime.”

https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/2023/05/01/fifth-man-charged-sydney-gangland-shooting-mahmoud-ahmad/ Fifth man charged in Mahmoud Ahmad shooting

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