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Expert Advice on How to Preserve Eye Health for Pilots

If you are a pilot or an aspiring pilot, you know very well how important it is to keep your eyes healthy. You’ll be up there, with the safety of your passengers literally at your hands, so eye health is of utmost importance.

Passengers need not worry about pilots having eye problems because they are certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). In this article, we will discuss some ways that pilots can preserve their eyesight and stay healthy while flying.

1) Pilots should, as much as possible, avoid being outside for long periods of time without protection, such as sunglasses or other protective eyewear. Given the nature of their job, they should avoid anything that could potentially harm their eyesight.

2) Make sure to get plenty of rest when not working. Pilots should make it a point to get enough sleep and eat a balanced diet (more on this later) so they don’t feel stressed or fatigued while on duty. With adequate amounts of sleep, there will be less chances of you losing focus, which helps greatly when you’re up there flying.

3) Eating a well-balanced diet with lots of food that is rich in vitamins and nutrients is another great way to help preserve pilots’ vision. Some good food choices include fruits like oranges and berries, vegetables like dark leafy greens and carrots and nuts like almonds or pistachios.

These foods are all high in antioxidants, which can help protect your eyes from damage. So, make sure to stock up on healthy snacks before your next flight!

4) Make sure to get regular eye exams. This way, if there are any problems with your eyesight, they can be detected and treated early. Once again, you have to remember that people depend on you to reach their destination safely. That’s not to mention you may have a family waiting for you!

Most optometrists recommend getting an eye exam at least once a year for regular individuals. Pilots, as well as other aviation workers like flight engineers and air traffic controllers, may have more requirements though, so be sure you have them covered if you are a pilot. They also need to conform with standards and regulations set by the Aviation Medical Section (under the Civil Aviation Safety Authority).

5) If you are feeling stressed or fatigued, take a break and relax. Flying can be stressful, and if you’re not careful, it can lead to fatigue. Relaxing every so often will help refresh your mind and body and make it easier to continue flying safely.

Always remember that eye health is important, and even more so with pilots. By following the simple tips mentioned above, pilots can make sure that their vision remains healthy while they are up in the air.

If you are a pilot, we hope that this post has given you some useful advice. Should you have any questions about the Civil Aviation Safety Authority or practically anything about preserving your eye health, be sure to contact a credentialed optometrist.

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