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Eugowra’s grandmother saves daughter and newborn

A retired nurse lifts her daughter and 6-day-old granddaughter into a roof cavity to rescue them from raging Yugoura floods and urges an elderly neighbor, now missing, to enter the house. said he did.

Ann South in 2018.credit:Facebook

Ann South said she last saw her neighbor, Les Vujec, 85, on Monday morning when a wall of water rushed towards her home, yelling and “running into his house.” He said it was when he said

“I couldn’t help him,” she said of Vugec from her room at Orange Hospital on Thursday, battling a bout of pneumonia exacerbated by the ordeal. “

However, she was able to lift her daughter Kilary and daughter’s newborn baby Jennifer, as well as a friend of hers who was unable to walk due to a degenerative disease, to a safe height.

Mr. South put his friend on the kitchen bench, piled stools on top of the table, opened a manhole in the ceiling, and led his daughter and baby into the roof cavity.

“When she got up there, I started panicking because I realized there was no way out,” she said. “Everything was happening so fast… The water level was rising.”

Diane Smith, 60, and Ljubisa “Les” Vugec, 85, went missing Monday morning.

Diane Smith, 60, and Ljubisa “Les” Vugec, 85, went missing Monday morning.

South said the water rose up to her chin while she was standing on the floor, and she spent at least five hours standing on a chair while her daughter called emergency services through a cavity in the ceiling. was She tries not to panic her.

“We were waiting for Chopper. [but] We were inside, not on the roof,” she said. “When they found us, we had to break into the roof to get her daughter and baby out.”

https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/i-had-to-do-something-eugowra-grandmother-saves-daughter-and-newborn-from-flood-20221117-p5bz81.html?ref=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_source=rss_national_nsw Eugowra’s grandmother saves daughter and newborn

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