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Easy Ways To Make Nail Polish Last Longer

A neat manicure with a beautiful colour polish is liked by many, and it would probably have gained even more fans if nail polish had lasted longer. Sometimes just after a few days, the polish starts to crack and crumble. It is inconvenient to replace the coating every day, and you don’t want to walk around with a ragged polish either. We know a simple solution to this problem – you just need to know a few secrets that will help keep the beautiful nail polish for a long time.

10 Tips For Making Nail Polish Last Longer

1. Proper preparation

You must prepare your nail beds properly before applying gel polish. Make sure the nail plates are clean and dry by wiping them with a special cleaner using a cotton pad to remove grease. Cleaning the nail is necessary so that polish can adhere to the nail without being obstructed by grease.

2. Grinding with a buff-file

Another key to long-lasting nail polish is slightly buffing your nails. It will help smooth out all irregularities and dents, no matter how small and invisible they may seem. Due to small protrusions on the nail plate, gel polish often cracks. To keep the coating lasting as long as possible, do not forget to buff your nails. They need to be sanded in one direction, avoiding delamination and cracks.

3. Remove the cuticle

Once gel polish gets on the cuticle, it peels off quickly from the nail plate, causing chips to appear. To avoid this, do not touch the cuticle area when applying gel polish to your nails. Move it back using special oil and an orange stick, but do not cut it off so that the nail polish lasts as long as possible.

4. Do not shake the gel polish bottle

No need to shake the gel polish before applying it to your nails. In order to reduce chipping and flaking, roll a bottle of gel polish between your clenched hands to prevent air bubbles from forming.

5. Apply a thin layer of gel polish

It is recommended to apply the base coat on the tips of the nails in two layers. This will help prolong the wear period of the polish. The coloured coat should be applied in three narrow, even strokes: one in the centre and one on each side. Then wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second one. Remember, the thicker the polish layer, the more likely it will peel off. Apply the coating over the entire nail plate, without missing the free edge. The last brush stroke should be along the edge of the nail.

6. Use quality gel polishes`

Gel polishes, which provide the base of the drawing and cover the entire surface of the nail, should be of high quality. It is best to use gel nail polishes made from natural safe materials such as SNS.

7. Correct drying

Dry the nail cover only with cold air, because the polish dries poorly at high temperatures. To dry the coating, you can also use a special UV lamp – the right amount of UV exposure will extend the life of gel polish. In addition, it is advisable to give up any household chores for at least 2 hours and not get your hands wet for about 8 hours after applying polish.

8. Don’t file your nails

It is not recommended to file nails with a fresh coating – nail polish may crack or chip under rough exposure. You can file your nails in advance, giving them the desired shape before applying gel nail polish.

9. Avoid hot water

It is not recommended to visit the hot bath or sauna during the day after applying gel nail polish. High humidity or, conversely, too dry air in combination with high temperatures can cause the coating to peel off.

10. Use safe hands care

The cosmetics we put on our hands can seriously harm nail polish. For example, the alcohol in antiseptics will erode the topcoat, causing it to tarnish and fade. Exfoliating agents (lotions and scrubs) can also erode nail polish quickly. If the lotion has a fragrance, then it contains alcohol, which will dry out the gel polish and cause chafing. You should also avoid acetone-based products. At the same time, quality hand cream and cuticle oil made from natural products will give the nails a well-groomed look. They must be applied every day.

Long-Lasting Gel Nail Polish Made Easy

A beautiful manicure with gel nail polish that lasts for weeks is a reality! You just have to spend a little more time on it. Start by preparing the nail plate (degreasing, polishing) and use the correct coating products and techniques (a thin layer of gel polish is key). And one more thing – do not forget to protect your hands from the harmful effects of the environment: use protective and moisturizing hand cream.

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