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dreaming arizona

James Wall of Sutton Forest wrote, “I recently unearthed a photograph of Tim Ingall (C8) in a 1973 physiology class at the University of Sydney. His eyes are steadfastly closed, unlike his other classmates. Was it the result of the night before, or was he dreaming of a future in Scottsdale, Arizona?”

“Team Golden Oldies is a senior dog’s forever home in Aracoon. Nine of our dogs have slowly adapted to the clock back to Eastern Standard Time (C8), keeping their mother Lisa Domeny at her regular 5:30 a.m. Instead, they wake up at 4:30 and demand breakfast,” writes Kempsey’s Rosemary Seam. She said, “Lisa puts up with it as long as she can because she knows it’s over when she wakes up to go to the bathroom. There is no dull moment at TGO.”

“Recent Herald According to the Timeline item, an ammonia leak at Tooheys Broadway Brewery trapped many men in the brewery’s bar who were drinking while smoking,” said Leura’s Paul Duncan. “It must have been the good old days before health and safety regulations were introduced.”

“Supercheap Auto sells turn signal fluid, so can I refill my turn signal reservoirs?” David Perst of Port Macquarie said.

Port Hacking’s Viv Mackenzie replies to Colin Taylor-Evans (C8) to take food tech to a whole new level. (pineapple-scented ester) flavor and tartrazine (bright yellow) color. They belong to the category of special overpowering! “

Valentine’s Keith Davies said, “All the stories of vanilla slices and finger buns evoked so many childhood memories, but nostalgia peaked when Christine Mahoney mentioned pineapple donuts.” said. “The best pineapple donut ever was a feature of many school holiday treats consumed at the Australian Museum rooftop cafeteria and Cole’s Cafeteria on King Street in Sydney. Neither of these gastronomic institutions exist. There’s no question that their deliciously sweet giant pineapple donuts weren’t the cause of their demise.” Next time you’re in Sydney, Keith, be sure to visit LA Donuts in Beverly Hills. Grandma appreciates the ‘Aussie Her Pineapple’ variety.

“Still looking for a piece of action?” asks Roger Hallett of Toowoomba (Qld). This year he will take place on Saturday, August 19th. Excursion for C8?


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