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Dramatic Sailor Rescue 07/09/2023 | Daily Telegraph

A Gold Coast sailor stranded in the rough waters of the Australian Gulf is about to return to land after a dramatic rescue in swells, 10-metre swells and cyclonic winds.

For the first time, drivers in Queensland will be tested for cocaine at a random drug test on the road.

A confidential report reveals the high salaries of key road and rail executives in Victoria’s public sector, including some who earned more than $814,000 last year.

Troublemakers face curfews and police raids in Adelaide’s most popular areas under an unprecedented legal effort to quell the crisis of a growing crime wave in the CBD.

https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/dramatic-sailor-rescue-09072023/audio/d394fc621c55cac792ed145af8ee34a6 Dramatic Sailor Rescue 07/09/2023 | Daily Telegraph

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