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Diamonds protect against loss of value

Congrats to Diamond for standing up for their values ​​and taking a tough stance on rejecting sponsorships from organizations that don’t align with their principles.Athlete’s Right to Stand for Sponsorship”, October 23). Former Diamond captain Shani Nolder said: get better.” We can only do better ourselves by learning from their painful decisions and not allowing fossil fuel companies to buy social licenses/endorsements to cover up the destruction of our planet.
Ching An, McGill (SA)

Just as the governments of Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales each introduced draconian new laws to prevent environmental protests, our sports stars are filling the void (“Looking to the long run: Stars warn sponsors”, October 23). Sports teams aren’t the only ones opposing the promotion of fossil fuels. Over 200 health care providers and professionals have signed an open letter to government calling for a ban on fossil advertising. The City of Sydney also bans fossil fuel advertising and sponsorship. Tobacco has lost its social license, and so has the fossil fuel industry. It’s just a matter of time.
Amy Hiller, Q (VIC)

Editorials on the legitimacy of activist players who refused sponsorship take a long bow to what should be a short-term concern.Sports organizations have front offices that are heavily paid to make sponsorship decisions, among other administrative duties. No Paid to make these decisions. In some sports, fewer than a handful of players have come to drum for what they deem “noble causes,” the very product activists claim to despise.
Rosemary O’Brien, Ashfield

short liberal merit list

The Liberals finally realized they needed some system to get more women into parliament.Liberal Deputy Prime Minister Wray on a mission to bring back women voters from Teals”, October 23). Of course, they would call it a “target”, so there would be no need to admit that it was the same as the Labor Party quota system that they had so relentlessly derided for the better part of two decades, and that most liberal targets and Similarly, if they miss it, they will be able to forgive themselves. What happened? I mean, Scott Morrison, Eric Abets, Kevin Andrews, Angus Taylor, Alan Tudge, Craig Kelly, Tim Wilson, Stuart Robert, Jamie Briggs, and so many more. Why abandon the policy that gave us lesser-known entities? I have to wonder if they were chosen based on merit. Exactly how bad are rejected people?
Len Keating, Balmain East

Crash Landing of Pilot Ray

Forgive me for the failed liberal rebranding of pilots, punks, and barefoot dancing (“Former punk determined to break boundaries”, October 23). The politician once tasked with overseeing our environmental health got a chance to leave her mark. Under her watch, her latest quarterly environmental report was another nail in the coffin for a government that views voters as suckers. Ray may be on trend thanks to a makeover, but voters, including conservatives, won’t be fooled again.
Dorin Suchu, Erebana

Wray’s anger at the Labor Party’s possible dumping of tax cuts, which were almost uniformly downplayed for the wealthy, stemmed from the government’s (twice) failure to implement a federal ICAC while in power. It stirred up memories of her anger over what happened.
Kevin Farrell, Bervangela

Fletcher left the money on the table

What Paul Fletcher doesn’t say in his letter is the amount actually spent on the RISE program of the $200 million, $50 million sustainability fund, and $540 million location incentive funding program (Letters , October 23). I don’t understand much. Governments often announce plans in a big way just to uplift applicants with onerous requirements that rob applicants of their will. In a desperate and ill-fated re-election attempt, he belatedly restored some of his ABC funding, but still denied there had been any cuts to ABC. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons he’s in the opposition now.
Lindsey Somerville, Lindfield

https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/diamonds-play-defence-to-keep-values-intact-20221026-p5bt7d.html?ref=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_source=rss_national_nsw Diamonds protect against loss of value

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