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Deer invade Melbourne family home

Key Point
  • A deer was trapped inside a Melbourne townhouse on Thursday.
  • Two children took refuge on the second floor while the stag was on the ground floor.
  • The police were called, but the stag ran away.
“Stag in the house, blood everywhere” is a text message the Melbourne father is understood to have received from his children while at work on Thursday.
Alexander Hill referenced the text message in a post on his Facebook page, shared a video, and superimposed a video showing blood on the front door floor of his home with the words “Oh Deer.” rice field.

The footage shows a stag on the first floor of his house. Someone opens the front door and an animal is out the door running across the road and down the Yarra embankment.

A man and a woman in their early teens who were in the home at the time had taken refuge on the first floor, according to Victoria Police who received the call.
Sergeant Fabian Hitchens told SBS News, “The children were panicking and screaming at first, not because they didn’t know what the noise was, but because there was a commotion and noise.” said.
He was one of the police officers who attended his home in Alphington, about nine kilometers northeast of the Melbourne CBD.

Sergeant Hitchens admitted that he had never done anything like that before.

A screenshot of the video posted by Hill showed the animal running away from the house after the front door was opened from the outside. sauce: Facebook / Alexander Hill

When he arrived at his house, he saw that the glass panel next to the door was broken, and he could see a deer.

“The deer clearly saw its reflection, panicked, ran into the apartment and was stranded,” he said.

Sergeant Hitchens said a veterinarian was called to the scene.

Potentially sedating deer was discussed, but it was not needed.
“They managed to open the front door, but I think it just fled into the bush,” Sergeant Hitchens said.
A video posted by Hill shows the startled deer running out of the house.

https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/deer-breaks-into-family-home-in-melbourne/0msdnl9la Deer invade Melbourne family home

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