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Decisive Research | Government of New South Wales

We want our staff to explore beyond their knowledge. Get our support to help them follow their passion for developing the next game-changing innovation that makes care more compassionate, more efficient and more effective. is important.

Known for its growing hub of innovation, where clinicians and professional staff conduct groundbreaking research that pushes the boundaries of traditional healthcare and improves the service experience for patients and their families. , we are very proud. Our record speaks for itself.

at Nepean Hospital cutting edge Robotic technology has greatly reduced recovery time for patients after major surgery. I am honored to lead a team of surgeons who have reduced the average length of stay for prostatectomy from 8 days for him to just 1.3 days for him. This is an amazing achievement.

World-renowned researcher, cardiologist and professor Kazuaki Negishi are conducting Research that could save lives It’s testing a new technique called sonothrombolysis that may help save the heart muscle of patients experiencing heart attacks.

Our Awards “Patient’s Voice” Project allows patients to provide feedback to staff on the course of their healthcare by performing bedside handoffs. As a result, the patient has fewer falls, fewer complaints, and more than 80% of patients say their voice is valued.

again, Proprietary Blood Test (HIST) Predict which flu patients are more likely to develop serious, life-threatening complications. Patented in several countries, the test helps clinicians around the world make informed clinical decisions about patient care before they are at risk of rapidly deteriorating. help.

We are improving the experience of those who need the most urgent care. Hire a Patient Experience Manager in our emergency department. By addressing patient concerns before seeing a doctor, it reduces anxiety and helps patients navigate often stressful situations.

We are proud that NBMLHD fosters a culture of research and innovation. Because we know it makes a difference in the lives of patients and their families.

I’ve seen it firsthand with my patients.I see a future where more patients across our district will benefit from the innovations we’re working on.

https://www.nsw.gov.au/health/nbmlhd/news/stories/resolute-research Decisive Research | Government of New South Wales

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