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Death of dairy worker Janak Patel prompts Jacinda Ardern government to fund safety measures

“What’s more difficult is the time it takes to install them,” he said.


“The 1,000 fog cannons already installed took four years, and despite the police doubling the number of local contractors, [who] We’ll be working on up to six, but we don’t expect it to take until the second quarter of next year for the number of installations to start increasing,” he said.

But he said the fog cannon is safe for those who deploy it, mitigating risks almost immediately.

Smash-and-grab robberies of milk bars, liquor stores, jewelers, and tech companies have taken a toll on retailers and can end in violent confrontations.

Patel’s case was particularly tragic. At his funeral, we heard that he and his wife dreamed of running their own business and that he moved to Auckland a week ago to look after the Rose Cottage Superette while the owner was away. I was.


In Australia an increase in crime would be a matter for the states, but in New Zealand, where there is no federal government system, responsibility and accountability rests with the country’s top offices.

Despite hiring hundreds of police officers, the government struggles to convince citizens it can keep its streets safe.

In June, the prime minister sacked Police Minister Poto Williams, citing a failed “narrative” around crime, and replaced him with senior minister and trusted friend Chris Hipkins.

But each robbery and attack has raised questions about its approach to crime, and argues the opposition should step up. Lacson has promised a string of tough anti-crime measures if he wins next year’s election.

Measures include electronic monitoring ankle bracelets for 10-year-olds and military-run boot camps for 15-year-olds in case of recidivism.

Ardern opposed these measures, citing lack of evidence.

“No one supports crime growth. No one wants to see young people involved in crime,” she said, adding that young offenders (some as young as 10) are part of the said in reference to reports that he was included in the criminals of

“The only debate is what works. History shows that boot camps don’t work. Abnormally high recidivism rates.”

“We want fewer victims. We want less crime. We want fewer communities affected by crime,” she said.

The milk bar closed on Monday in protest. Workers spoke of their fears for themselves, their staff and their families. Many issues were raised, from cigarette prices to access to the government’s anti-crime fund, but protesters united in a call that “enough is enough”.

In Wellington, Indian Association president Dipak Bana said crime had become bolder and more dangerous after police failed to investigate minor incidents such as shoplifting.

Reuters and Stuff.co.nz

https://www.smh.com.au/world/oceania/rise-in-milk-bar-crime-shakes-ardern-government-20221128-p5c1vw.html?ref=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_source=rss_world Death of dairy worker Janak Patel prompts Jacinda Ardern government to fund safety measures

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