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Danny Lim hospitalized after ‘violent’ police incident

Sydneysiders may not know the name Danny Lim, but if you say ‘smiling man with a sign’ they will know who he is.

Mr Lim is arguably one of Sydney’s most iconic characters and his autograph is legendary. They’ve gotten him into trouble in the past, but he’s successfully defended his case in court each time.

Tuesday he He was injured when police tried to arrest him in Sydney. At the time, he said, “SMILE CVN’T! Why don’t you use CVN’T?”

His signature wearing can be traced back to the early 2000s.

Back in 2009, daily telegraph reported that Lim had been protesting corruption outside the Strathfield Council chamber for years. He was then elected to the council.

Today, his signature sometimes makes people smile, but at other times it’s overtly political.

Activist Danny Lim is known for his autographs around Sydney.

He calls politicians “c–” on his billboards, but his billboards sometimes encourage people to smile and be “kind”.

Not only is he holding billboards on the streets of Sydney, but he has also been spotted on the big screen.

he starred as a storyteller in the film 3,000 years of longing With my dog ​​Smarty.

Mr. Lim also appeared on the cover of the Sticky Fingers album. wrecker boy, Released in 2022.

Photo by Danny Lim
Danny Lim has been in court several times over his signs.

What Happened to Danny Lim in QVB?

Around 11am on Tuesday, NSW Police officers asked him to leave the Queen Victoria Building (QVB), but Mr Lim reportedly refused to do so.

Police claimed Lim was asked to leave the shopping complex before officers arrived.

“Police allege that the man was subsequently instructed to move by officers and did not comply,” a police statement said.

“Arrests were called off after the man suffered a cheekbone injury in a fight with police.”

A video of the arrest was shared widely online. In the video, Mr. Lim is heard calling for help while police attempt to handcuff him.

Mr Lim then falls to the ground. Police said in a statement that the arrest was canceled when officers realized Lim was injured.

An image of Lim in the hospital was shared by Chris Murphy, a law firm representing activists. He called the arrest “violent” and reiterated that the signature Lim was wearing turned out to be legal.

On Wednesday, Murphy said Lim was walking home and walking toward Town Hall station when the arrest was called off.

He added that Lim was in “bad condition” and awaiting a new brain scan.

“The matter has been triaged as a complaint and assigned to an investigator from another command within the central metropolitan area,” a NSW Police spokeswoman said. New Daily on wednesday.

Past Arrests and Lawsuits

Lim has been arrested for autographs once in 2017 and twice in 2019.

At the time of his arrest on Tuesday, Lim was wearing the same “SMILE CVN’T!” Why isn’t he CVN’T?” Signs that got him into trouble before.

In both cases, Mr. Lim prevailed in court.

Justice of the Peace Jacqueline Milledge said in 2019 that the law was concerned with offending “imaginary rational people” rather than those who were “less ironic (or) easily offended.”

She also said that his signature is “provocative and cheeky, but not aggressive.”

He also got into trouble with the law in 2015 when he put up a sign aimed at then-Prime Minister Tony Abbott.


The fine he received in that case was overturned by the district court.

a A petition was launched years ago to urge New South Wales police to leave Mr Lim alone.

widespread anger

After news broke that Lim was in the hospital, people expressed anger at the police’s actions.

Not only was Lim loved, but many expressed support for him as “harmless.”

Remember peace activists with Sydney icons, Danny Lim today,” one person said on Twitter.

“I see him all the time and he brings a lot of positivity to my very dark days.”

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https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/state/nsw/sydney/2022/11/23/danny-lim-police-incident-sydney/ Danny Lim hospitalized after ‘violent’ police incident

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