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Cracking down over-height trucks reported in the Third Harbor Tunnel blockade in one day

Mins said only three offending trucks have been removed from the road since August, with a fourth attempt derailed in court. He warned regulators that the New South Wales government would regain power to suspend registrations if it did not tighten regulations.

“Clearly the system isn’t working,” Mins said. “Something needs to change, and if necessary I will take responsibility back into the hands of the state and take action myself. The current situation is intolerable.”

New South Wales Premier Chris Minnes said there have been 53 accidents involving oversized trucks in the Harbor Tunnel so far this year.credit: James Alcock

Under national law, regulators must report ‘aggravated’ over-height accidents to New South Wales Transport Authority to suspend truck registrations, which poses a significant financial burden for operators.

Mr. Graham wrote to Mr. Gay earlier this week asking the regulator to facilitate the process. “Operators … should be held accountable,” Graham wrote. “Repeatedly over the past two weeks, commuters in New South Wales have experienced inconvenience and frustration.”

Hassal said he hopes regulators will be stricter. “We want to use severe over-height violations as automatic triggers to make inquiries,” he said.

Hassal said the NHVR also has four “chain of responsibility” investigations underway that could lead to prosecution of trucking operators, investigating the causalities behind the apparent spate of incidents. rice field.

The New South Wales government has rejected a request by lobby group Business Sydney to completely ban heavy truck traffic from the tunnels, saying such action would divert too many heavy trucks onto the bridge, leaving the city out of the city. He claimed it would cause traffic jams.

An accident in the Harbor Tunnel on Tuesday morning reportedly caused a traffic jam lasting up to 20 kilometers. He was fined $4,097 and 12 demerit points for crossing a height limit sign on a tunnel or bridge in New South Wales, which is the maximum allowed under current law.

Mings also warned of an outbreak of police riots in the coming weeks. He said the data showed that inexperienced operators and owner-drivers were the main problem, not the big logistics companies. Hassal said it makes sense.

At the southbound entrance to the Harbor Tunnel, an aerial platform first electrocutes a digital sensor one kilometer away, activating a warning sign to divert to the bridge. The second detection point is at 740 meters from the entrance, the third at 480 meters and the fourth at 250 meters.


After ignoring four warnings, the final sensor triggered a red flashing light and a waterfall with the word ‘STOP’ projected onto the entrance to the tunnel. At that point, traffic must stop while the truck backs up and enters the slip road.

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https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/over-height-truck-crackdown-flagged-after-two-harbour-tunnel-blockages-in-one-day-20230607-p5denf.html?ref=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_source=rss_national_nsw Cracking down over-height trucks reported in the Third Harbor Tunnel blockade in one day

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